Another example of “grey-area” spam

This is the third in a series of posts about the grey area between spam and legitimate mail, and how people perceive them differently (for the previous posts, see here and here).

Several of us received email from a person we'd never heard of, who was looking for work. Well, that's a legitimate use of email, right? Well, perhaps, but we're back to the "eye of the beholder" question again.

Let's review the facts:

  1. Unsolicited
  2. From someone unknown to the recipient
  3. Sent to more than one Ferris Research recipient
  4. Appeared to have no relevance to Ferris Research

Sounds like spam? But wait; it turns out that the email was sent via LinkedIn, one of these business networking sites. Doesn't that make it legitimate? Difficult, isn't it?

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