Email Archiving vs Enterprise Content Management

You might, very reasonably, argue that email archiving and retention products are really just a niche in the Enterprise Content Management space. Vendors like Hummingbird and Interwoven are really the natural dominant players, you might say. In principal, this seems correct. After all, email documents are just one type of data structure. But as a […]... read more »

What’s Happening to Critical Path?

There are three leaders in the specialized business of messaging software for service providers: Sun, OpenWave, and Critical Path. Critical Path is the smaller of the three. It’s roughly an $80M/year business, and a very sick company. Partly it offers a hosted set of services. These are now dying. Critical Path also offers software, which […]... read more »

How not to be a spammer [6]: Don’t Irritate Your Readers

How can legitimate direct marketers get their messages through more reliably? How can they avoid being branded as a spammer? We wrote about this problem before. See [1] and [2]. This is the fourth of an irregular series of blog…... read more »

Orchestria Secures $21 Million In Funding To Extend Market Leadership

Orchestria announced that it has closed its Series D funding with $21 million from Paladin Capital Group, Goldman Sachs., RRE Ventures, New York City Investment Fund, Benchmark Capital, Constellation Ventures, and Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures.... read more »