Email Archiving Product Leaders Will Change

The leading players in the email archiving fields are Veritas/KVS, EMC/Legato, and Zantaz. KVS is the overall leader but not by a huge margin. They possess perhaps a 15% greater share of the market than their next closest competitor.

The market has been active for about five years. But it feels like the beginning:

  • Hitherto, most email archiving purchases have been tactical - motivated by either storage management or regulatory compliance.
  • Discovery and archiving for compliance have now become the main purchase drivers. Since the focus of these purchases is generally compliance, functional considerations generally take a backseat to acquisition and implementation costs as decision criteria.
  • The current market for solutions is fragmented, and a range of new, well-funded products are coming. These products have been designed from the outset to meet today's needs. Eg, Fortiva, iLumin, IntelliReach and Mimosa.
  • It's quite likely that we will see two waves of deployment in this segment. The first (that has already begun…) will remain tactical in nature. A second wave will begin three to five years from now and will enable management of email messages more strategically as just another content type with word documents, web pages, and perhaps even voice and video content. Think about PC email 10-15 years ago being primarily based on file-sharing architectures and then moving to client-server over the last 5-7 years.

Conclusion: The product leaders aren't set in stone. Five years from now, we guess two of the top three email archiving vendors will be different.

... David Ferris and ... David Via

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