Good Example of Calendaring Interoperability

I was working with my email the other day, using my favorite email and calendar product, and I received an email invitation to a meeting. When I opened the email, my application "recognized" it as a calendar invite, and gave me the opportunity to accept, decline, delegate or recommend another date.  Sounds simple, right? Except […]... read more »

Teamspaces Workspace Clients Must be Web Browsers

Early teamspace products often had rich clients. But it’s clear that’s wrong. They must be web browsers. You want to be able to set up teamspaces at will. Often, you’ll want to do this with people that aren’t members of your organization. You won’t be able to make many assumptions about the workstations they’re using. […]... read more »

New McAfee Secure Messaging Service Advances Email Protection for Small to Large Businesses, Powered by Postini, Inc.

McAfee released McAfee Secure Messaging Service for Small Businesses and McAfee Secure Messaging Service for Enterprises, its email threat prevention and policy management solutions formerly entitled McAfee Managed Mail Protection. Key features: based on Postini Perimeter Manager, provides email protection against spam, phishing, viruses, inappropriate content, denial of service attacks and directory harvest attacks, and […]... read more »