Keys to Widespread Deployment of Collaborative Tools

Just because you install collaborative technology doesn't mean it gets widely adopted. Luddites still exist.

Here are what we believe are the key things to do to ensure widespread adoption in an organization:

  • Think through the training program. Substantial resources will probably be needed, in a variety of forms; for example, classroom training, helpful little cheat sheets, help desk, etc.
  • Get top management involved. When they use it, others have to follow.
  • Get champions involved, who will actively promote the system.
  • Identify mission-critical applications for the technology that are likely to benefit significantly from the technology. Get the technology used in such cases, and promote the successes.
  • Make sure that office administrators and executive assistants are given good training and encouragement; they have great influence.
  • Set deployment goals and track them. When things aren't working as planned, take adjusting action.

... David Ferris, with thanks to panelists at the recent Collaborative Communications Summit in San Francisco

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