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A New Anti-Malware Hopeful

You don’t see many new product offerings dealing with spam, phishing, and virus control. The reason is that there are about 10 major players slogging it out — firms such as Symantec, Sophos, McAfee, Trend Micro, and so on. Smaller fry are tending to die, or be acquired. So we learned with interest about Anchiva... read more »

The Total Cost of Ownership for Voltage Identity-Based Encryption Solutions

In this report, we look at the total cost of ownership of Voltage Security’s IBE offering and compare it with that of a traditional PKI system. An accompanying spreadsheet allows organizations to calculate their projected savings.... read more »

Teamspaces Supplant File Systems

Shared file systems used to be, and still are, common places to keep shared information. Shared email folders are another place to keep common information. Teamspaces (e.g., Microsoft SharePoint) contain a lot of structure. Among other things, they have a file store. As users get familiar with teamspaces, they often find that teamspaces are a... read more »

Hummingbird Ltd. To Be Acquired By Symphony Technology Group for US$26.75 per share

Hummingbird, a provider of integrated enterprise content management, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Symphony Technology Group under which it will be acquired for approximately US$465 million. The transaction is expected to close at the end of July, 2006. read more »

Serious flaw found in Symantec antivirus

Articles discussing a flaw in Symantec’s enterprise antivirus software that could be used by hackers to create a self-replicating worm attack against Symantec users. read more »

Teamspaces Need Backup and Recovery

Teamspaces contain a lot of valuable information, so they need good backups. Backup systems designed for teamspaces — that understand the structures involved and other metadata — are hard to find. Understanding of structure and metadata is important in a backup system if it is to work efficiently. This has to change, and will change... read more »

Blue Coat Reports Financial Results For Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2006

Blue Coat Systems released results for 4Q2006 ended April 30. Revenue increased 27% to $35.9 million with a GAAP net loss of $2.6 million. read more »

The Secret Anti-Spammer Death Squads

eWeek: Click Here for Story... read more »

Getting compliance on the GRID

SearchSecurity: Click Here for Story... read more »

Growing Third-Party Market for SharePoint

Microsoft’s SharePoint teamspace offering has gathered a lot of interest over the last 12 months. SharePoint is still a young product, and customers have much to gain from a market for third-party products. This is quickly appearing. Mostly, it’s small firms with specific niche tools and firms doing application development. The first major software vendor... read more »

Trend Micro Introduces Managed Email Security Services Offering for Small and Medium Businesses

Trend Micro announced Email Security Services, its hosted email protection service. Key features: web-based administration console, reports on threats blocked, and content filtering settings, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Black Frog takes up Blue Frog spam challenge

Vnunet.com: Click Here for Story... read more »

Exchange Messaging Management Market Leaders

Who are the main vendors of messaging management tools for Exchange? Not too long ago, the leaders were BMC (Patrol) and NetIQ. However, Microsoft beefed up its offerings and reduced the demand for NetIQ, which was recently acquired by Attachmate. The leaders today are Microsoft (MOM) and Quest (Spotlight on Exchange and MessageStats). Quest has... read more »

Email Archiving Technology Trends

This report provides an update on trends in email archiving and discusses the key criteria for evaluating archiving technologies.... read more »

Assessing and Managing the TCO of Mobile Messaging Devices

This Ferris Research report looks at how organizations can better evaluate and manage the total cost of ownership (TCO) of mobile messaging.... read more »

The Blue Frog Is Dead — Black Frog Rises From Its Ashes

Recently, we wrote about spammers attacking Blue Security (makers of the Blue Frog spam complaint system and the Do Not Intrude Registry opt-out system). It now appears that Blue Security has given up on its quest to make spammers honor opt-outs and has closed its doors. This seems to be due to a massive distributed... read more »

LEMONADE and P-IMAP: Terminology Getting Confused

LEMONADE and P-IMAP are both being promoted as open standards email technologies. We’ve seen a number of places where they are presented as being the same thing. But they’re different. Both LEMONADE and P-IMAP relate to Internet standard email and in particular to IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and SMTP (Simple Message Transfer Protocol): LEMONADE... read more »

Let Us Spam The Antispam List

PortalIT: Click Here for Story... read more »

Search Engine Filters Out Spyware Sites

SME Alternative to Hosted Audio Conferencing Services

Large organizations use technology from vendors such as Cisco to provide an audio concall service. For small and medium-sized organizations, the choices are more limited. Usually they have to use either a hosted service or a limited-functionality consumer VoIP service such as Skype. The Sonexis ConferenceManager is an interesting option. This customer-premises box bridges both... read more »

Instant Messaging: New Developments in Presence, and Real Time Information Interchange

In this webinar, we will discuss new developments in presence and real-time information interchange systems, services, and standards, and a variety of problems that still require resolution.... read more »

Skype Move Accelerates VoIP Use

On May 15, consumer VoIP service Skype announced that calls over the Internet to conventional landline and mobile phones in the United States and Canada will henceforth be free. Until now, the charge has been about $0.02/minute for such calls. This will push Skype competitors, such as MSN, Yahoo, and AOL, to also provide free... read more »

Useful Tool to Discover SharePoint Teamspaces

SharePoint is spreading quickly, mainly driven by user enthusiasts rather than IT. At some point, IT is told to get involved; for example, to provide backups or ensure compliance with policies and regulations. At that point, IT has to identify all the different workspaces and their users. That’s not easy. Quest recently launched a useful... read more »

Sellent Reports Record Quarterly Revenues of $33.0 Million

Stellent released results for 4Q2006 ended March 31. Revenue increased 16% to $28.5 million with a GAAP net income of $2.5 million. read more »

AXS-One Reports Financial Results For First Quarter of 2006

AXS-One released results for 1Q2006 ended March 31. Revenue decreased 7% to $7.5 million with net loss of $2.7 million. read more »

LEMONADE Standard Improves Mobile Messaging Performance

U.S. Shifts Discovery to Procedures

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ratified changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), which will take effect on December 1, 2006. These changes shift the rules of discovery in a legal proceeding from a focus on policies for electronic records retention, disposition, and preservation to a focus on procedures that will streamline evidence... read more »

EMC Acquires Interlink

EMC announced that it has acquired Interlink Group, an IT professional services firm that specializes in application development, IT infrastructure, enterprise integration, enterprise content management and customer relationship management for Microsoft environments. read more »

Enhancements to GFI MailSecurity 10 offers the industryÂ’s most comprehensive email security solution

GFI Software announced version 10 of GFI MailSecurity, its anti-virus solution. Key enhancements: new anti-virus engine, and RSS feeds for quarantine, among others. Available 3Q2006. read more »

Lotus SAP Integration Announcements, May 11, 2006

Lotus announced two products today, both available later this month. "Lotus Notes Access for SAP Solutions". Domino Designer application development tools for SAP, plus a series of out-of-the-box Notes front end applications/demos "IBM Workplace for SAP Software". Similar: provides SAP application development tools for Workplace, plus canned applications/demos Many Notes/Domino users use SAP, and Notes... read more »

Cost of Storage for Archived Voice Conversations Is Trivial

Suppose you record all of a user’s voice conversations, and keep them on hard disk storage. How much storage will be required, and what will it cost? First, some background: A pretty high-quality (CS-ACELP) digital encoding can be achieved at 8 kbits/sec. So this would require 3.6MB to store one hour of voice. A noticeably... read more »

Techniques for Zero-Hour Virus Protection

This report looks at ways to reduce the risk of developing an infection during the zero-hour interval. It discusses each method and considers the best ones for administrators to apply. It also looks at the Avinti iSolation Server, a solution expressly designed to catch zero-hour viruses.... read more »

The SyncML Standard and Its Impact on Mobile Messaging

This report provides an overview of the SyncML standard, and discusses its likely impact on the future of mobile messaging.... read more »

Anti-Spam Technology in the Asia-Pacific Region

In spring 2005, Ferris Research and Network Computing Asia conducted a survey of Network Computing Asia’s readers. The purpose was to determine the anti-spam products and services used in the Far East, customer requirements, and how they evaluated the various products being used. This report presents the results. Report 547. Background CMP Asia and Ferris... read more »

Microsoft’s Latest Push for Notes and Domino Migration

Every few years, Microsoft announces that it has a platform comparable to IBM’s Lotus Notes and Domino, and that the time has come for Notes and Domino customers to migrate to it. Originally, that platform was Outlook and Exchange. Now it’s Office 2003 (including Outlook) and Exchange 2003 plus Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) for Windows... read more »