Lotus SAP Integration Announcements, May 11, 2006

Lotus announced two products today, both available later this month.

  • "Lotus Notes Access for SAP Solutions". Domino Designer application development tools for SAP, plus a series of out-of-the-box Notes front end applications/demos
  • "IBM Workplace for SAP Software". Similar: provides SAP application development tools for Workplace, plus canned applications/demos

Many Notes/Domino users use SAP, and Notes Access for SAP should be very valuable for them. There are many ways that both SAP and Notes can be enhanced by integrating the two, eg:

  • Integrating a Notes-based support system with SAP-based warranty claims
  • Extracting customer information from SAP and using it in a Notes-based CRM system
  • Letting a Notes-based purchase order requisition workflow feed finished POs into SAP
  • Providing SAP workflows in Notes

There's no charge for Notes Access for SAP.

... David Ferris

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