Interesting Scalable Email Archiving Product

Mimosa Systems, a Silicon Valley software start-up, markets an email archiving product that offers an interesting new approach to email archiving with potentially significant benefits.

Email archiving grows in importance each day for managing mailbox capacity, satisfying stringent regulatory and litigation readiness requirements. Traditional email archiving solutions for Microsoft Exchange rely on client access APIs or Exchange journaling to capture email for archival. "Unnatural" use of client access APIs and journaling places substantial performance demands on an Exchange server, often requiring expensive additional hardware.

Mimosa developed an alternative data capture mechanism, based on the Exchange databases' transaction log files. Mimosa calls this Application Shadowing. It captures a complete record of all Exchange information in real time. This approach seems to have two main benefits:

  • It's more scalable, illustrated by Mimosa's largest customer -- a 55,000-user organization.
  • It captures all changes to the store, including moves, copies, and deletes -- not just message deliveries.

... David Ferris and Richi Jennings

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