Centralized Remediation in Content Control is Passé

Organizations typically rely on a central group of security-minded staff to "remediate" or resolve improper or private content quarantined by an outbound content control system. This group may handle thousands of messages a day in large enterprises. Each message needs to be scanned and then a decision needs to be made to either delete it, route it for further review, encrypt it, or send it back to the user as an educational opportunity. Current remediation is slow, labor intensive, and stops or delays the flow of business. It also produces inconsistent results in that one reviewer may arbitrarily delete the information while another may send it on.

For these reasons, decentralizing content control remediation by function, work group, or role makes sense. Organizations can set up approval queues (Legal, Finance, Marketing, R&D, HR, New Product) and handle more severe breaches using role-based notifications to compliance or security officers via IM, RSS feeds, or mobile devices.

Vontu is an example of a vendor using approval queues and role-based notifications.

... Nancy Cox

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