Apple’s iPhone Will Help Drive IMAP

The Apple iPhone is a revolutionary new product with a wide range of capabilities. From an email perspective, two things are of particular importance:

  • The hardware design, in conjunction with Apple's software expertise, provides a platform for an innovative and high-quality email interface for a mobile device.
  • It uses open Internet standards for email -- SMTP, POP, and IMAP. As Apple CEO Steve Jobs correctly says, "IMAP is, of course, the best." The provision of a high-quality, IMAP-oriented email client for what looks likely to be a market-leading device will drive mobile email toward IMAP.

We note that Jobs referred to a service offering in conjunction with Yahoo termed "Push IMAP." Jobs didn't make it explicit what this is, but we presume that this refers to use of the IMAP IDLE command.

... Steve Kille

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