Idokorro Launches Mobile File Manager with Support for Windows File Sharing

Idokorro Mobile released an updated version of Mobile File Manager, its file management solution for BlackBerry handsets. Key enhancements: support for Windows File Sharing connections and BlackBerry Pearl 8100 or 8800 support. Available immediately. read more »

BoxTone Announces Free Software Tool to Help Make Enterprise BlackBerry Deployments DST-Ready

BoxTone announced BoxTone DST Expert for BlackBerry, its tool designed to help administrators make their BlackBerry deployments ready for the early transition to Daylight Saving Time. Key features: scan BlackBerry environment and generate reports showing software version and DST patch status for every user device, understand and communicate specific instructions to apply the DST patch […]... read more »

Barracuda Networks Unveils Third-Generation of Its Sophisticated Image Spam Defense Technologies

Barracuda Networks announced an updated version of Barracuda Spam Firewall, its anti-spam solution. Adds improved protection for image spam. Available immediately. read more »

Spambusters: war on unsolicited email

Article discussing spam and how it is fast changing its status from that of on-line nuisance to major global menace. read more »

Email Archiving Needs Delivery Proof

Content Control Needs a Light Hand

Google Guns For Microsoft With Web-Based Office Suite

Investor’s Business Daily: Click Here for Story... read more »

Colligo Networks Unveils Version 2.0 of Colligo Reader and Contributor to Support SharePoint 2007

Colligo Networks released version 2.0 of Colligo for SharePoint, its offline collaboration solution. Key enhancements: support for Microsoft Office System 2007 and Windows Vista, integration with Outlook, and new user interface, among others. Available immediately. read more »

VoiceCon Spring 2007

VoiceCon Spring 2007 will be held March 5–8, 2007 at the Gaylord Palms Hotel in Orlando Florida. Covers what’s really going on in the IP Telephony market, how much has IP Telephony captured, and what is its forecast. read more »

Insight Connector 3.1.2 has been released

Bynari released version 3.1.2 of Insight Connector, its Outlook plug-in for connection to Bynari Insight Server. Contains multiple bug fixes. Available immediately. read more »

Failure to Control Email Plagues Global Organizations

Article discussing the results of a survey conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group which show that despite recognizing the need to control e-mail and IM, a majority of global businesses admit that processes and technology to control communication media lag behind their needs. read more »

Research and Markets “Unified Conferencing and Collaboration Market (World) – A Key Component of Unified Communications”

Research and Markets released “Unified Conferencing and Collaboration Market (World) – A Key Component of Unified Communications,” its whitepaper. Presents the unified conferencing and collaboration vision and how that vision will enhance tomorrow’s business environment. Key topics: state of the unified conferencing and collaboration market, how are unified audio, video, and web conferencing offerings evolving […]... read more »

New PostPath Email and Collaboration Server 2.2 Offers Enterprises Improved Performance, Ease of Installation

PostPath released version 2.2 of PostPath Server, its email and collaboration server. Key enhancements: support for unmodified Outlook desktops, Active Directory tools support, and Blackberry Enterprise Server support through PostPath’s network protocol interoperability, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Utimaco Safeware “Improving Regulatory Compliance with Encryption”

Utimaco Safeware released “Improving Regulatory Compliance with Encryption,” its whitepaper. Examines how encryption addresses the challenges presented by regional regulatory mandates and helps achieve high levels of data privacy. read more »

WebEx “Maximize IM security and Compliance with Advanced Administration”

WebEx Communications released “Maximize IM security and Compliance with Advanced Administration,” its whitepaper. Discusses how businesses can manage and control IM conversations, file transfers and collaboration. Available immediately. read more »

WebEx “Connect Users Any Time, Everywhere-with Secure, Affordable Business IM”

WebEx Communications released “Connect Users Any Time, Everywhere-with Secure, Affordable Business IM,” its whitepaper. Discusses how to improve collaboration while allowing for security, compliance and centralized administration. Available immediately. read more »

Persistent group chat now available for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Palm devices

Parlano released MindAlign Mobile, its secure mobile client for persistent group chat. Key features: wireless access and participation in MindAlign group and private (IM) channels from mobile devices, including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Palm; allow users to be active in both MindAlign Mobile and desktop environments; and users can limit the number of channels displayed […]... read more »

Consider WAN Acceleration to Boost Exchange Disaster Recovery Performance

Sophos’s Web Malware Appliance

E-discovery rules deliver message on need for email archiving

Article discussing the experiences companies have in storing and retrieving email and electronic documents and the trend to migrate to software solutions. read more » Releases Free Text Messaging (SMS) Widget For Mac OS X released Text Messaging Widget, its text messaging dashboard widget for Mac OS X. Allows users to send text messages right from their desktop and to receive replies via email. Available immediately. read more »

Setting Communities on Fire: Mobile Moves the Frontiers

BKI Media published “Setting Communities on Fire: Mobile Moves the Frontiers,” its whitepaper on mobile instant messaging. Forecasts that established brands, like Microsoft, Yahho! And Google, will take over and dominate the mobile IM space unless mobile operators and vendors recognize the opportunity and act quickly to improve the use of IM-based services and networking. […]... read more »

DigiPortal Announces ChoiceMail Enterprise Version 4.x That Combats Latest Email Scams

DigiPortal Software announced version 4.x of ChoiceMail Enterprise, its anti-spam solution. Key enhancements: main processing engine performance enhancements, performance and stability enhancements to the outbound server, searchable documentation in CHM format, among others. Available immediately. read more »

BorderWare’s Reputation Service

VBR — New Domain-Level Reputation Technique

For the last few months, we’ve been tracking a promising new proposed standard for controlling spam. The technique can also address related problems, such as phishing. It’s called Vouch By Reference, or VBR. It provides a reputation service for domains; i.e., it provides a way of checking that the right-hand side of the @ sign […]... read more »

CeBIT 2007: serVonic with New IXI-UMS Release – Unified Messaging ready for Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Windows Vista

serVonic announced version 5.7 of IXI-UMS, its unified messaging solution. Key enhancements: optimized message delivery, improved configuration and administration, and support for Exchange 2007 and Windows Vista, among others. read more »

Lemonade Mobile E-Mail Profile

Article discussing Lemonade, a standards-based approach to mobilizing IMAP and SMTP email client. read more »

Research Finds Many Enterprise Messaging Channels Remain Unprotected

Enterprise Strategy Group released “Messaging Security: Beyond Email,” its research report. Examines the policies, procedures and technologies used by large organizations to safeguard messaging technologies such as email, web mail, IM, mobile devices, and message archives. read more »

Panda Software releases Malware Radar

Panda Software released Malware Radar, its automated malware audit service. Key features: periodic malware audits, configured and run from any network computer with an Internet connection, and process is performed automatically and without intervention, among others. Available immediately. read more »

CA’s Email Archiving Products

Glowpoint Launches First HD Managed and On-Demand Multi-Point Conferencing Service

Glowpoint launched HD Managed and On-Demand Multi-Point Conferencing Service, its video conferencing service. Combines Glowpoint’s currently managed scheduled on-demand service with unassisted HD multi-point calling. Available immediately. read more »

fastmobile Leads the Way in Mobile Communities With its New fmX Platform

fastmobile released fastmobile eXperience, its mobile integrated communications solution. Integrates operator owned IM, portal IM communities, email and a presence-based address book into one single application. Available immediately. read more »

Packaging Military Messaging for HF Radio and other Low Bandwidth Links

Isode released “Military Messaging Over Low Bandwidth Networks,” its whitepaper. Looks in more detail at how various server components are packaged together, looking at both software and hardware combinations, and showing how users and user agents fit into the system. read more »

Best Practices for BlackBerry Mobile User Management

BoxTone released “Best Practices for BlackBerry Mobile User Management,” its whitepaper. Explores best practices that are helping organizations deliver superior service levels to often thousands of Blackberry mobile users spread across multiple geographies. read more »

eSoft Launches Integrated Desktop Anti-Virus/Spyware Suite

eSoft released Desktop Anti-Virus/Spyware Suite. Key features: policy controls, custom security reports, and central management console, among others. Available immediately. read more »