Virtual Events Offer Interesting Possibilities

Imagine a trade show conference where all the content is delivered online ("live" or recorded) with a game-like interface that is easy to use, including features for social networking.

Having just returned from a trade show that required grueling cross-country air travel, long taxi lines, bad food, and countless other inconveniences, the idea of receiving the same content without leaving the office is appealing. Large associations and groups that do not have the luxury of bringing together a physical event will also find the concept of virtual events very interesting.

On the other hand, it would rather reduce the networking opportunities. But, hey, do you really need more random business cards?

Unisfair is a new company based in Menlo Park, Calif., that is offering a virtual event product and service that can revolutionize how we deliver information to large audiences.

... Bob Spurzem, with Richi Jennings

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