Chat Room Pimping (a New Spam Technique)

An interesting spam from Taiwan just hit one of my spamtraps. It contained just a single line -- a link to a Skype chat room.

What caught my eye was the chat room subject embedded in the link:

Special price of the wrist-watch

A few thoughts:

  • Clearly what's going on here is the need for spammers to remove as much Bayesianable text as possible from their messages.
  • There probably needs to be a way that we can report these to Skype so they can be quickly taken down.
  • Presumably if you were foolish enough to join the chat, you'd get bombarded with ads for fake Rolexes and the like. Possibly also a vector for malware.

I was foolish enough, but the host user was offline. Watch this space for updates on what happens...

... Richi Jennings

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