Content Control With Nemx’s SecurExchange

Nemx's SecurExchange offers content control for Microsoft Exchange. Various packagings, but the main features are:

  • Scans inbound and outbound flows, internally as well as at perimeter.
  • Scans MS Office and PDF attachments.
  • Virus and spam control, policy-based archiving, e-discovery searches, policy-based outbound encryption.
  • Custom trigger definition: fairly standard set of options. However, lexical analysis is much above industry average, allowing easier definition of concepts--a nice feature.
  • Standard set of trigger concepts; e.g., sexually harrassing or confidential material is included.
  • Custom action definition: fairly standard set of options, such as quarantine, block, and notify user. Plus, a few nice additions such as archive and encrypt.
  • Policies can apply to groups, or can exclude groups, via integration with Active Directory distribution lists. Nice feature.
  • Tight integration with MS Exchange, also a nice feature. For example, admins use Exchange System Manager to control SecurExchange and administer policy.
  • Pricing: $10 to $20/mailbox/year plus 20% maintenance, depending on number of users.
  • Main competition: Mail Marshal, Proofpoint.
  • Only works with email; it doesn't cover IM or Web traffic.

... David Ferris

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