Proginet Helps Email Very Large Files

As soon as you try emailing files over 5 to 10MB, you run into problems. Eg, the receiving email system says the message is too large.

Proginet has a new solution, CFI Attachment Manager, that sounds valuable. It strips off your attachments, and sends them out-of-email-band and reliably. Email recipients then download the attachment.

The whole process involves a little complexity for the user, but it looks better than the alternatives. Highlights of Attachment Manager:

  • Web UI, plugin for Outlook. Plugin for Notes will come later
  • Much more reliable than FTP transfers, which are problematic. In particular, they don't handle line breaks, and are sent in the clear
  • Attachments are encrypted and sent via a staging server
  • Recipients pick up from the staging server
  • Transfers are encrypted, and checkpoint/recovery is built in in case there's a line break during transfer
  • Access controls apply to attachments, providing for privacy
  • Staging server is on the customer's premises, eg within DMZ

Today CAD/CAM files are common examples of really big things that people would like to send by email. They can easily be 1GB. However, we are all about to start needing to send much bigger attachments. Eg, videos of corporate meetings, or of films to our friends. Conventional email won't be able to handle these, nor will FTP. Attachment Manager sounds like a very useful approach.

... David Ferris

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