Abaca’s Spam Control Products

We were recently briefed by Abaca, a vendor of spam control technology. Abaca sells an appliance, the Email Protection Gateway, which uses its proprietary ReceiverNet spam control algorithm.

Abaca makes impressive claims for the accuracy and performance of ReceiverNet. The underlying algorithms have been explained to us under NDA, and they are both interesting and powerful. In essence -- and at the risk of oversimplification -- they rely on understanding the relationships between senders and recipients. We'll discuss ReceiverNet more in a separate bulletin.

In addition to the conventional appliance, the company also sells a virtualized version, which runs as a VMware image. Known as the Abaca Virtual Email Protection Gateway, this allows customers to run the appliance on their own hardware, rather than relying on Abaca to provide it. This is especially useful for highly virtualized data centers, or those that make extensive use of blade servers.

The company also provides support services, encompassing on-call assistance, remote management, help with installation, troubleshooting, and software updates.

... Richi Jennings

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  1. dferris
    Posted March 7, 2008 at 12:01 PM | Permalink

    It’s interesting stuff, particularly if they open the kimono–NDA required.–David Ferris

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