Useful Guidance on Email Overload

Cohesive Knowledge Solutions specializes in helping you deal with email overload. The company has what sounds like a very useful, short book, "The Hamster Revolution" -- a 90-minute read. They also offer corporate training.

Examples of useful, practical advice:

  • Send fewer emails, and you'll receive fewer.
  • Strengthen subject lines and structure email bodies more carefully: Explain the topic up front, use bullet points, be concise, etc.
  • Coach colleagues on good practices.
  • Have low-priority email automatically routed to folders.
  • Disconnect the dings and whistles, to reduce disruptions.
  • Increase the send/receive schedule. Many people have five-minute email check cycles; most people will find that checking every 30 minutes is fine.

For details, go here.

Stay tuned. We will be blogging a series on email overload, starting soon.

... David Ferris

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