Please Contribute Ferris Research Testimonials

We're trying to beef up our sales materials, and your testimonials would be a big help. If you've got anything vaguely good to say about Ferris Research and don't mind expressing this, we would be very grateful if you'd do so in a comment below. Alternatively, if you want anonymity, send email to I'll post it with just your title and description of the industry you're in.

Constructive suggestions, threats, and abuses are also welcome.

Ideas for what you might comment on include:

  • General: Your name, title, organization name, industry you're in, # employees in your organization.
  • How long have you followed Ferris Research?
  • What's Ferris Research good at?
  • How does Ferris Research influence your product purchases?
  • How does Ferris Research influence your technology and business planning?
  • What has Ferris Research done for you that's been valuable?
  • How does Ferris Research compare to its competition?
  • How does Ferris Research influence your industry understanding?

Thanks in advance!

... David Ferris

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