Requirements for Hosted Enterprise Archiving

Hosted archiving has a number of obvious attractions, such as:

  • Fast installation.
  • Probably lower TCO.
  • Less use of internal IT staff.

Here are some thoughts about requirements for enterprise hosted archiving:

  • Customer-premises-based encryption/decryption is required, to provide for privacy.
  • Customer premises appliance or server is required to provide for encryption and Active Directory integration.
  • Modern distributed search capabilities (think Google architecture, but queries themselves can be far more elaborate than those of Google).
  • Tight integration with Active Directory, so policy and searches can be based on user groups, and so users have single sign-on.

BTW, in this regard, we like what we hear about Fortiva's hosted archiving.

... David Ferris

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  1. Posted March 24, 2008 at 8:14 AM | Permalink

    Other things to consider around hosted archiving …

    1. Which country the data is stored is important for certain compliance regimes.
    2. Speed of connection to the datacenter becomes a major factor in some scenarios – not so important for archival (i.e., Iron Mountain model), but very important if clients have ability to search/retrieve data (which they are accustomed to in any on-premises storage archiving scenarios today).
    3. Google v Microsoft will be interesting to watch. Google recently dropped pricing on Postini archiving.
    4. Trust continues to be a big factor, with enterprises wanting to have a safe harbor copy of their data on-premises in many cases.
    5. Typical cloud services scenarios come with a relatively low switching cost i.e., if customer is unhappy with service from hoster#1 they can choose to switch to hoster#2 on short notice. Hosted archiving can increase switching costs.
    6. Different hosting approaches need to be looked at differently — dedicated hosting is relatively mundane … cost savings increases (as does complexity e.g., with respect to things like AD integration that you mention) in multi-tenancy scnearios.


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