Judge Dismisses ZL Suit

Here's an update on the law suit between ZL Technologies and Gartner.

By way of background, in October email archiving vendor ZL Technologies filed a law suit against Gartner asking for $1.7B in damages caused in part by the Gartner Magic Quadrant. The story is very interesting from several points of view:

  • It raises the issue of the influence, good or bad, that reports like the Magic Quadrant have on company fortunes
  • It raises the question of whether the reports are as objective and valuable as they purport to be
  • It's a "David" vs. "Goliath" struggle, as the small ZL takes on the much larger and very influential Gartner

The news just came out that the judge dismissed the law suit and gave ZL 30 days to amend its compliant. The judge agreed with Gartner’s view that the report is an opinion, not facts. But the judge left the door open for ZL to amend its motion and try again. The response from ZL owner Kon Leong suggests he intends to do that.

... David Ferris

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