Jeff Ubois

Jeff Ubois has two hats at Ferris Research. Partly, he participates in a wide variety of projects as an analyst. In this regard, he is particularly interested in the social and business applications of new collaboration technologies. Jeff is also a member of Ferris Research\’s marketing planning team. He has been professionally involved with messaging and collaboration technologies since 1998. Previously, he co-founded Omniva, a San Francisco-based software company that develops secure email and policy management software; and was an independent consultant to organizations in the software and telecommunications industries, including the Internet2, Cisco, Brightmail, Oracle,, Stratacom, and Alexa. Since the mid-1980s he has reported on the Internet, technology, and society for business, trade, and computer publications, including CFO, .inc, Network World, Information Week, and ComputerWorld. In addition to his role at Ferris Research, he is a researcher at UC Berkeley\’s School of Information Management and Systems, and a contributing writer for Release 1.0. He is physically based in Berkeley, California and online at He spends his spare time helping a local arts society known as the Hillside Club.