Reducing the $50 Billion Global Spam Bill

February 23, 2005, San Francisco, Calif. - Lost productivity and other expenses associated with spam will cost U.S. businesses $17 billion in 2005, up from $10 billion in 2003, according to The Global Economic Impact of Spam, 2005, a new report just issued by Ferris Research, a San Francisco-based consultancy. Worldwide costs could reach $50 billion, primarily because of lost employee productivity. Not included in these figures are immeasurable items, such as the missed "opportunity cost" of a new customer order that's incorrectly discarded as spam. The report also finds that organizations can minimize this loss of productivity by deploying an accurate anti-spam system. "The return on investment (ROI) for anti-spam software is attractive for most organizations, though desktop-based anti-spam tools usually have a lower ROI than server-based tools," said Ferris Research president David Ferris. "Very low false positive rates are needed to drive down costs further." The report will be discussed in a free Webinar on March 2 with David Ferris and Richi Jennings, and is more fully described at Topics to be covered include:

  • The broad economic impact of spam, as well as the costs of spam to individual businesses
  • The cost of spam in Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, the UK, the US, and world-wide
  • How the costs break down between users' time, anti-spam technology costs, and help desk costs
  • How the costs differ between manual solutions, desktop anti-spam tools, and server-based anti-spam tools
  • Typical costs per user
  • How an organization can calculate its own cost of spam
  • The ROI of implementing anti-spam technology

The Global Economic Impact of Spam, 2005 is available from Ferris Research for $795 (see A companion report, Calculating Spam Costs for Your Organization, is available for $295, and both can be purchased together for $995 (see For purchase information, contact Walter Scheiber at, or 650-452-6215x103.

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Spam Cost, for Major Economies
image001.gif Caption: The cost of spam varies greatly by country, depending mainly on the spam incidence rates, the cost of labor, and the number of email users. Figures are in millions of US dollars.