Enterprise Vault: The KVS Years, 2000-2004

Curator’s Note: Nigel Dutt, a successful software engineer-turned-entrepreneur, continues his history of today’s leading email archiving product–DF   KVS Growth In the first article, I covered the origins of Enterprise Vault up to the point where we had started up KVS at the very end of 1999, shipped Enterprise Vault V2.0 and moved into our own […]... read more »

Memories of ALL-in-1: Tony Redmond Recalls

Curator’s Note: Tony Redmond is Author of “ALL-IN-1: A Technical Odyssey” and “ALL-IN-1 V3.0: Managing and Programming” and for many years has been a highly regarded expert on Microsoft Exchange Server.  — David Sengupta My first exposure to enterprise email was in the form of CP/OSS in 1982. CP/OSS stood for the “Charlotte Package of […]... read more »

Enterprise Vault: The Early Days, 1997-2000

Editor’s Note: Enterprise Vault is the leading email archiving product. The museum is delighted to have this posting from Nigel Dutt, one of the product’s founders. Nigel is also a good example of how highly skilled engineers can become successful entrepreneurs. And along the way, they motivate the rest of us.–David Ferris Conception The genesis […]... read more »

Google+ Is Major Competition for Facebook

Google+ is very impressive. I reckon Facebook is toast: The integration with other Google services will be a key strategic advantage, that Facebook will not be able to match. The Circles approach to privacy control is neat and puts control of sharing with the sender in a clean and easy to manage way. Widely aired […]... read more »

Email Use Has Plateaued

In the 1990’s, 10MB was considered a standard mailbox size. This let you send 10-20 emails per day and save email for months. Today 100-150 new emails per day is common–a 10MB mailbox fills in a day at this rate. The total use of email-like communication is probably still increasing. However, pure email–as measured both […]... read more »

Autonomy Snaps Up Iron Mountain Digital Assets for 380M

In a move widely expected due to pressure from its shareholders, Iron Mountain (NYSE:IRM) recently divested its digital archiving business to Autonomy for 380M. Iron Mountain projected revenues are 140M which puts the acquisition price at a multiple of approximately 2.7 times revenue. Autonomy gets Iron Mountain’s archiving, online backup, and e-discovery businesses. This includes […]... read more »

Symantec Buys Clearwell for 390M

Symantec is buying e-discovery vendor Clearwell Systems for $390M, in a deal expected to close in September. With Clearwell revenues over $50M, Symantec is expected to have paid 7x trailing twelve months revenue (TTR) for this purchase, which is quite an achievement for Clearwell. This deal makes a lot of sense for Symantec, which has […]... read more »

Gartner Wants $$ to Improve Magic Quadrant Position?

An Open Letter to Vendors Analyst giant Gartner is defending itself against an interesting lawsuit (see links at the end of this message). In a nutshell, ZL Technologies, an archiving firm, asserts that its low ranking on the Magic Quadrant is a result of never spending money with Gartner. Gartner denies that its reviews are […]... read more »

Symantec To Acquire LiveOffice?

We hear strong rumors to the effect that Symantec is about to acquire LiveOffice. We believe them to be reliable. This wouldn’t be surprising: Symantec is building its cloud-based offering It has a strong on-premises archiving product (Enterprise Vault) LiveOffice provides a strong cloud-based archiving offering Nick Mehta, CEO, was in charge of Symantec’s Enterprise […]... read more »

Google Wave High and Dry

Google quietly announced the end of Google Wave on its blog earlier this week. The reason given was that adoption rates were too low. Just over a year ago we wrote about Google’s big splash around Google Wave. One of the things we pointed out at the time was Wave’s suitability for third-party developers to […]... read more »

The Decade Ahead: Cloud Revolution

The single most important technology change of our time is happening around the cloud. Entire industries are being changed or made obsolete. The world as we know it is changing fast. Examples of what has changed: Paper-based maps and manual navigation have been replaced with cloud-based maps and GPS systems. Photography has shifted from film-based […]... read more »

Mimosa Funding Challenges

Archiving vendor Mimosa has recently had a couple of small financings: $3M of equity in June, 2009 $4M of debt in November, 2009 Mimosa has never made a profit, and the recession of course has made fund-raising harder. We understand an IPO was deferred due to poor results. We understand, too, that Mimosa sought a […]... read more »

Cisco, Microsoft Will Be The Big Conferencing Players

For the last 10 years, the electronic conferencing world has tended to focus on high-end solutions such as those from Polycom. Think of special conference rooms, expensive WAN links, special equipment, and so on. Over the last five years, PC-based solutions have been evolving. IBM/Lotus has been an innovator. Microsoft has gradually been building a […]... read more »

Judge Dismisses ZL Suit

Here’s an update on the law suit between ZL Technologies and Gartner. By way of background, in October email archiving vendor ZL Technologies filed a law suit against Gartner asking for $1.7B in damages caused in part by the Gartner Magic Quadrant. The story is very interesting from several points of view: It raises the […]... read more »

ZL Technologies Sues Gartner over Archiving Magic Quadrant

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (MQ) for email archiving is not as scientific as Gartner would have you believe. According to ZL Technologies Inc. v. Gartner Group Inc. and Carolyn DiCenzo, ZL Technologies makes allegations of defamation, trade libel, false or misleading advertising, unfair competition, and negligent interference with prospective economic advantage against Gartner and Carolyn DiCenzo. […]... read more »

Vericept Sold?

We’re hearing rumours that data leak prevention vendor Vericept is about to be sold to an accounting firm, with an announcement on September 15. Most DLP vendors have now been acquired. Eg McAfee bought Reconnex in 8/08, RSA/EMC bought Tablus in 8/07, Websense bought PortAuthority in 1/07. The market’s been rather disappointing: DLP revenues have […]... read more »

The Size of the Archiving Market

What’s the size of the market for packaged archiving software? We estimate it at about $650 million annually. We expect it to grow at about 20% annually for the next few years. In short: 2009 revenues: $650M 2010 revenues: $780M 2011 revenues: $940M 2012 revenues: $1,125M 2013 revenues: $1,350m We estimate that the current market […]... read more »

Which Hosted Exchange Vendors Will Survive?

Which hosted Exchange vendors will survive? After all, Microsoft is now offering its own version of hosted Exchange. And Microsoft’s offering is good, and very attractive. Some will survive by competing on price. Most others will survive by competing on functionality; e.g., better service, or better integration with third-party tools such as BlackBerry, or better […]... read more »

Cloud Archiving Is Useful

This recent article discusses cloud backup and the challenge to scale. The author makes many good points about data integrity and scalability, and the same principles apply to archiving. Cloud archival of critical enterprise information seems easy and makes sense. On the practical side, there are risks of data loss, security breaches, and slow data […]... read more »

Analysis of Microsoft Corporate VP Shuffle@Exchange and Windows Mobile

Last month, Microsoft shuffled around leadership in the Exchange and Windows Mobile teams. Part of this was undoubtedly just to keep things varied for the execs and product groups, but is there another reason? We think Corporate Vice President Terry Myerson’s move to Windows Mobile is intended to bring his wealth of Exchange background–not to […]... read more »

Mirapoint Buys Archiving Vendor Intradyn

Messaging vendor Mirapoint recently announced it will buy archiving vendor Intradyn. Benefits for Mirapoint Intradyn has 500 direct customers, which represent upsell opportunities for Mirapoint’s messaging and security products. Note that these direct customers do not include indirect ones from Intradyn’s OEMs. Intradyn has good support for Asian user interfaces, especially for Japan and China. […]... read more »

Expect Plenty of Layoffs Due to Downturn

In an email from FaceTime President and CEO Kailash Ambwani earlier this month, the company announced a mass layoff in an effort to reduce operating expenses by 30%. In the letter, Ambwani indicated that the company’s revenues depend primarily on the financial sector, and suggested that year-over-year revenue growth into next year would be flat […]... read more »

ExchangeLabs Surpasses 1.5M Mailboxes on Exchange 14

Microsoft posted a job description on November 4 that sheds more light on its ExchangeLabs infrastructure than has previously been publicly released. ExchangeLabs is Microsoft’s way of testing “the next version of Exchange in high-scale services environments.” To date, customers on the infrastructure are restricted to academic institutions with .edu domains. According to the posting, […]... read more »