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Enterprise Vault: The KVS Years, 2000-2004

Curator’s Note: Nigel Dutt, a successful software engineer-turned-entrepreneur, continues his history of today’s leading email archiving product–DF   KVS Growth In the first article, I covered the origins of Enterprise Vault up to the point where we had started up KVS at the very end of 1999, shipped Enterprise Vault V2.0 and moved into our own... read more »

Early Days of The Exchange MVP Program

Curator’s Note: An Exchange MVP is a Microsoft-blessed expert on Microsoft’s Exchange email system. Here David Sengupta recounts the development of the MVP concept, and his personal experiences as an early Exchange MVP–David Ferris Having been an Exchange Most Valuable Professional (“MVP”) for 14 years now–since 1997-I’ve been asked to jot down a few thoughts... read more »

Memories of ALL-in-1: Tony Redmond Recalls

Curator’s Note: Tony Redmond is Author of “ALL-IN-1: A Technical Odyssey” and “ALL-IN-1 V3.0: Managing and Programming” and for many years has been a highly regarded expert on Microsoft Exchange Server.  — David Sengupta My first exposure to enterprise email was in the form of CP/OSS in 1982. CP/OSS stood for the “Charlotte Package of... read more »

Early Days of Corporate Email: Some Personal Observations

Curator’s note: We’re delighted to receive this piece from Ralph Ehlers, which is the museum’s first piece by an IT implementer. We hope to have many more contributions from IT professionals. Ralph was in charge of the email system at ABB and Roche, two of Europe’s largest businesses. He was also chairman of the user... read more »

Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Archiving: The Complementary Role of Third-Party Solutions

In April, Microsoft announced that Exchange 2010 will have built-in support for archiving. But it’s not clear to many what capabilities Microsoft will provide. This Ferris Research white paper sheds light on the new offering. Topics include what the product’s archiving features do, what they don’t do, and what the ongoing role of third-party archiving vendors will be.... read more »

Kazeon Information Access Platform

Kazeon’s Information Access Platform discovers, classifies, and indexes most of an organization’s electronically stored information (ESI) and then makes it easy to search for relevant information sets and apply control policies. This report describes Kazeon’s offering and details its industry context.... read more »

Exchange 2007 Implementation Issues

In this report, we describe the main issues of concern to email support staff implementing Exchange Server 2007. The report incorporates data from a survey of 43 organizations that are migrating to Exchange 2007. We describe their deployment plans and the different ways they are configuring their new systems.... read more »

Domino Unified Messaging Product Selection and Implementation

This report looks at the implementation of UM on the IBM Lotus Domino platform. Topics include scalability, reliability, product maturity, disaster preparation, productivity, cost, and key implementation issues.... read more »

Why Exchange 12 Will Be 64-Bit Only

The next major release of Microsoft Exchange (Version 12, which is due in 2007) will be available in a 64-bit variant, with no 32-bit version.... read more »

Snapshot: CipherTrust–IronMail

This report describes and assesses IronMail, the email security appliance from CipherTrust. It also makes observations about the industry context of this offering.... read more »

Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005

This report describes Microsoft’s Live Communications Server 2005. This is an instant messaging and presence server, also providing peer-to-peer audio, video, whiteboards, application sharing and data collaboration. The report also makes observations about the industry context of this offering.... read more »

QUALCOMM’s Eudora2go

This report describes and assesses Eudora’s new email software for mobile devices. The report also makes observations about the industry context of this offering.... read more »

Sun’s Messaging Suite

This report describes Sun’s messaging products, which are sold mostly to service providers, government departments, large corporations, and educational establishments.... read more »

Gwava and GroupWise Security

This paper looks at Gwava’s products and strategy and assesses the company’s future prospects.... read more »

Exchange 5.5 Migrations: Issues and Best Practices

This document summarizes the Issues and Best Practices associated with Exchange 5.5 migrations as identified by several experts on the subject, identifies the key factors to a successful migration, and includes a typical migration timeline.... read more »

Microsoft Exchange Titanium and Microsoft Outlook 11

This paper reviews the major changes in Titanium and Outlook, outlines the benefits for customers, and assesses both products. It concludes with deployment advice for customers of Exchange 2000, Exchange 5.5, and non-Exchange shops.... read more »

Domino on S/390 Status Report

This report gives a quick tutorial on Domino on the S/390, describes the strengths and weaknesses of the product, and overviews the key implementation issues.... read more »

Lotus Notes/Domino Release 5

This report describes major new features of Lotus Notes/Domino’s R5 release, and discusses who should upgrade to R5.... read more »