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Early Days of Corporate Email: Selling the Idea

Curator’s note:  This is the second in a series of commentaries by Ralph Ehlers, discussing the early days of email implementation. This commentary describes his experience selling email to user communities. Seems hard to believe, but in the early days, this was hard. His observations on why managers typically resisted email are especially fascinating. When... read more »

Setting Archiving Strategy

How should you build a strategy to address corporate archiving? Here’s a task checklist I propose, to ensure you have all bases covered. Bob Spurzem Setting Archiving Strategy: A Nine-Step Plan Industry. What industry is your organization in and what regulations ( Fed, state, local) have impact?  Here you can rely on inside experts (legal or... read more »

Setting Retention Policy for Electronic Information: A Practical Guide

Publication Date: September 29, 2010 With thanks to our co-sponsors: Description A retention policy for electronic information defines how long the information should be stored until it’s deleted. Except for email, most electronic information is currently never deleted or is deleted in a haphazard manner. Legal and regulatory pressure is gradually driving organizations to define... read more »

The Current State of Email Retention Policies

This report looks at the current state of email retention policies. It incorporates data from a survey of 22 organizations representing more than 443,000 mailboxes running Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, and other email platforms. It also presents Ferris Research’s interpretation of the findings.... read more »

Email Support Staff Requirements and Costs: A Survey of 136 Organizations

This report describes the results of a survey of 136 organizations, totaling about 1.5 million mailboxes, to determine the size and cost of their email support staffs. We discuss the annual cost per mailbox of providing technical support for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes/Domino, and Novell GroupWise, and further break down the data based on organization size. The data is valuable for organizations that want to compare the size and cost of their email support staffs with those of comparably sized organizations.... read more »

Preparing for a Meet and Confer Session

Litigation today requires that substantial amounts of electronic information be exchanged between the parties. Early on, the litigants must get together for a Meet and Confer session. In this webinar, Ferris analyst David Ferris and Mark Reichenbach of MetaLINCS explain what to do to be prepared for this session.... read more »

Exchange 2007 Implementation Issues

In this report, we describe the main issues of concern to email support staff implementing Exchange Server 2007. The report incorporates data from a survey of 43 organizations that are migrating to Exchange 2007. We describe their deployment plans and the different ways they are configuring their new systems.... read more »

A Survey of Exchange Installations: Key Statistics

In December and January, Ferris Research and SlipStick surveyed Exchange administrators about the status of and plans for Microsoft Exchange in their environment over the next 2 years. This report presents the results, including versions in use today and in 12 and 24 months, traffic volumes, system availability, Internet Message Transfer Agent usage, wireless access to email, and content security.... read more »

How Not To Be Seen as a Spammer (2004)

Many organizations have a bona fide need to communicate with people through mass email campaigns. However, it’s easy to be mistakenly perceived as a spammer, even though each recipient has clearly requested that they be put on the distribution list, whether or not they are customers with whom you have a direct business relationship.... read more »

Exchange 5.5 Migrations: Issues and Best Practices

This document summarizes the Issues and Best Practices associated with Exchange 5.5 migrations as identified by several experts on the subject, identifies the key factors to a successful migration, and includes a typical migration timeline.... read more »

The Total Cost of Ownership of Lotus Notes/Domino

This report is written for messaging managers. It reviews the essential cost elements for a messaging system, based on the Ferris Research TCO Model.... read more »

The Total Cost of Ownership of Microsoft Exchange

This report is written for messaging managers. It reviews the essential cost elements for a messaging system, based on the Ferris Research TCO Model.... read more »

The Cost of Migrating From Microsoft Exchange v5.5 to v2000

This report explains the major cost elements involved and how to calculate the costs of a given migration. It includes a spreadsheet that readers can use to develop their own analysis. ... read more »

Secure Email Implementation Issues

This report briefly explains secure messaging, its value, and the current state of deployment.... read more »

The Types of Email People Receive

In this report, we summarize the findings on what types of email users receive and comment on them.... read more »

The Time People Spend on Email

In this report, we summarize the findings on how much time users spend processing email and comment on them.... read more »

Exchange 2000 Migration Planning

This report summarizes the new ideas in E2K and AD. We then give advice on how to plan your migration.... read more »

Handheld Integration: Applications, Tools, Issues, Futures

Many handheld devices can integrate with email and collaborative applications–notably cellular phones, pagers, hand-sized computers, palm-sized computers, and pager-sized computers. In this report we investigate the leading devices, how they integrate with email and collaboration, high value applications, best practices, and future directions for the technology. ... read more »

Meta-Directory Evaluation Criteria

This report describes what a meta-directory is, the leading products, and the major things to look for when selecting a product.... read more »