CalDAV: Promising New Calendaring Interoperability Standards. Calendaring interoperability has proved to be a difficult problem. Atempts at defining appropriate standards have failed in important ways.

Now there's a new attempt: CalDAV. CalDAV is a protocol allowing calendar access via WebDAV. CalDAV models calendar events as HTTP resources in iCalendar format, and models calendars containing events as WebDAV collections. This allows users to publish and subscribe to calendars, share them collaboratively, synchronize among multiple users, and synchronize among multiple devices.

Our sense is that CalDAV is gathering momentum. It's being brought to our attention by various vendors, and there's growing vendor investment. For example:

CalDAV is worth following. If you're interested, consider attending the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium's next roundtable. It's being held January 9-12, 2006, in Provo, Utah. ... David Ferris