Make Certain Your Email Archive Can Scale. If you are considering deploying an email archiving solution for its storage and compliance benefits, be careful to examine the scalability of the solution. With the enormous amount of email that passes through a typical organization, it's important that any archiving solution be capable of handling the workload.

First, consider the single-instance storage (SIS) capability of any archiving solution. Can the solution maintain true SIS across multiple Exchange servers and multiple archive databases? How is SIS managed when archive containers and tiered storage are deployed?

Next, consider the archive index. Does the archive application trigger alerts when the index grows beyond its storage limits? How is the index rebuilt in the event of corruption? How is journal purging impacted during an index rebuild?

Finally, consider the reporting capability of the solution. Comprehensive reports are needed to help you manage the environment. Some important examples are reports that measure the amount of emails and attachments moving through the archive and reports that measure total archive storage consumption combined with retention and disposition policies. ... Bob Spurzem