Mobile messaging important enough for MS to “sleep with the enemy”

Link: Motorola Mediacenter - Press Releases.

Microsoft this week announced an agreement that will put the Exchange ActiveSync protocol into Motorola smart phones such as the forthcoming A780.  This is the second such agreement in less than two months, coming right on the heels of a similar announcement with PalmOne around the Treo device in early October -

Microsoft OS-based devices such as Pocket PCs and their own smartphones have natively supported this protocol from the beginning.  However, the Treo is a PalmOS device and the Motorola A780 is based on a version of Linux -

It is both smart and open-minded of MS to licensing this protocol to makers of non Windows-based devices.  They apparently recognize that having a choice of more compatible devices in the mobile space is good for consumers and  good for Exchange as well.  The space is too important to try to maintain a closed ecosystem and bet that smartphones based on Windows are destined to become the dominant platform in the market.

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