Unusual spam

We got some very odd spam to one of our spamtraps a few days ago.

It spamvertised a website hosted by Earthlink. So, I forwarded it to their abuse department (via SpamCop). After a quick to-and-fro, they confirmed that they've disconnected the website in question.

It's a weird one, this. The original message seemed to be trying to
stir up fear about tsunami in Scotland, of all places. Should Nick Shelness be worried?


A huge 300 ft. high ocean wave is moving towards Scotland.

Edinburgh and many other cities are in a real danger.

Approximate wave moving speed is 700 km/h.

Earthlink hosts the websites tsunamidanger.com and danger-tsunami.com, which appear to be a ripoff of a Canadian government site. USENET groups also show signs of this being targetted at the Japanese and Australians.

Very strange. Possibly the site has a more malicious intent, exploiting an
IE security hole, but I wasn't about to try opening it in an
unpatched IE to find out.

Anyway, the reply from Earthlink last night said:

The customer/account that was used in this spam has been identified and the account was secured.

Score one tiny victory...

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  1. By Richi'blog on December 6, 2004 at 5:46 AM

    Earthlink: I take it all back

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