Unforeseen consequences of fighting spam (2004)

The Law of Unintended Consequences is hard at work… Assuming spam fighters continue to be successful, email spam will decline in the medium term. When that happens, inadvertent spamming will clearly stand out. Anti-spam “vigilantes” will be ready to pounce on any such unsolicited mail. So, organizations should make doubly sure that their employees don’t […]... read more »

Quest’s Spotlight on Exchange management tool

“In the past, Exchange administrators had to manage each server individually with limited information and different tools for solving each problem,” said Dave Champine, director, Exchange Solutions, Quest Software. Quest’s Spotlight’s graphical view of the Exchange organization allows administrators to view detailed information and act on events across the entire Exchange network. Features include: Real-Time […]... read more »

Who’s buying anti-spam? (2004)

An increasing proportion of US anti-spam tool sales are “brownfield.” That is to say, they’re replacement sales — replacing products that are no longer doing their job adequately. Spam is an arms race between spammers and anti-spam tool writers, which means… Some anti-spam vendors don’t have the expertise to keep up — these vendors will […]... read more »

Symantec To Acquire IPS Vendor Platform Logic

Symantec announced an agreement to acquire Platform Logic, a vendor of intrusion prevention software. Symantec declined to share details about the deal until it closes. read more »