Quest’s Spotlight on Exchange management tool

"In the past, Exchange administrators had to manage each server individually with limited information and different tools for solving each problem," said Dave Champine, director, Exchange Solutions, Quest Software.

Quest's Spotlight's graphical view of the Exchange organization allows administrators to view detailed information and act on events across the entire Exchange network. Features include:

  • Real-Time Tests - Simple tests help administrators ensure that key aspects of Exchange are running properly (i.e. message delivery, Outlook Web Access availability, mailbox logons, information store responsiveness). These tests can be run manually or on a scheduled basis.
  • Message Flow Views in Topology Viewer - Message Flow Views show the number of messages that have flowed from server to server or from routing group to routing group during a specific period of time, helping administrators immediately identify over/under utilized servers or other potential routing bottlenecks across the organization.
  • Data Collection - Spotlight on Exchange 5.0 allows administrators to apply specific counters to problem servers and view color-coded results in the Topology Viewer. 

It looks like a good tool for Exchange administrators which can be integrated into Microsoft's Operation Manager 2005.

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