Who’s buying anti-spam? (2004)

An increasing proportion of US anti-spam tool sales are "brownfield." That is to say, they're replacement sales — replacing products that are no longer doing their job adequately.

Spam is an arms race between spammers and anti-spam tool writers, which means...

  • Some anti-spam vendors don't have the expertise to keep up — these vendors will either disappear or need to acquire another that has the Right Stuff.
  • Others have good technology and smart people, but are are simply under-capitalized — these vendors are ripe for acquisition.

In one-to-three years' time, we'll see far fewer vendors selling anti-spam solutions. Some of today's 300+ vendors will run out of money, some will be bought, and some will become the classic 800 lb (362 Kg) gorillas of a mature market.

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    Who’s buying anti-spam

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