What’s wrong with online dating?

Ferris Research talking about online dating? Well, it's communication. It's collaboration. It incorporates email and often IM. Why not?

Just a quick thought — it seems to me that the economic incentive for a dating website to provide a good service is broken. Most businesses thrive on repeat business, or a regular cashflow from a subscription model. Customer retention being less expensive than customer acquisition, as any MBA could tell you.

Think about it; online dating isn't like that. If the service succeeds in bringing two customers together into a lasting relationship they're both going to be canceling their subscription, aren't they?

Inspired by this NYT article, E-Dating Bubble Springs a Leak.

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    On the other hand, if the service successfully brings together two people into a lasting relationship, it might soften any skepticism within their circle of friends and encourage single friends to try the service as well. Perhaps advertising via word-of-mouth make up for “successfully” cancelled subscriptions?

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    What’s wrong with online dating

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