Xmas Greeting Sincerity Erodes Rapidly!

At this time of year, we exchange Christmas greetings. Many of the expressions we receive are sincere. And many obviously aren't, as when you receive boilerplate text that is irrelevant and you barely know the person concerned anyway.

In an important new project, Ferris Research has been tracking greetings sincerity. A key metric is what we call the sincerity ratio. This is defined as the number of sincere greetings received compared to the total number of greetings received.

In a sincere world, the value should be 1. Typically, in the business world--business being what it is--the sincerity ratio has been about .5.

This Christmas, with the widespread adoption of email by sales staff of every persuasion, it's dropping rapidly. We predict a sincerity ratio of .1 to .2. In other words, one out of every five to ten greetings received will be sincere.

The omens are dreadful. Next Christmas, expect a sincerity ratio of about 2%. For every sincere greeting, you'll be sent about 50 insincere ones. And it'll be worse in ensuring years. O, shallow world!

Author: David Ferris

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    And a merry new year to you, too!

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