Lotusphere spoiler ahoy?

In the past we've seen some amusing tit-for-tat between Microsoft and IBM/Lotus around their respective messaging/collaboration user conferences.

For example, there was the big yellow Notes bus at one or more MECs (now sadly defunct). On a few occasions, Lotusphere[1] attendees have arrived at Disney World[2] with significant Exchange announcements from Microsoft ringing in their ears. It's all in a day's work for Marketing folk.

The lack of an Exchange roadmap (on which DavidV, ChrisW, and I have
been blogging recently) recently saw speculation that Microsoft is
planning a return to this tactic. We can confirm that Microsoft said this week that it
plans to announce the Exchange roadmap in January or February.

Who said the messaging wars were dull/boring/over? Was it Eric[3]?
[1] - Have you noticed that www.lotusphere.com just redirectes to the IBM homepage these days?
[2] - Warning: cheesy music.
[3] - Nice hat. Happy holidays.

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  1. Posted December 23, 2004 at 7:34 AM | Permalink

    http://www.lotusphere.com hasn’t been the direct link in years. For that matter, http://www.lotus.com is a redirect these days, too. All part of IBM’s branding policy.

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    There’s been a lot posted recently about the lack of an Exchange roadmap.

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