Trivia from the MIT Spam Conference

MIT held its 2005 Spam Conference last week. Some interesting talks, with new ideas. Some mad-sounding, academic ideas that would never work in the real world. Unfortunately some boring, unoriginal, or marketing-driven ones too. Some interesting trivia:... read more »

Symantec Releases New Version Of Network Intrusion Detection Software Solution

Symantec announced version 4.0 of Symantec Network Security, its network intrusion detection software solution. Key enhancements: multiple detection technologies, central management along with Symantec Network Security 7100 Series through the Symantec Network Security Management Console, and analysis and correlation engine, among others. Available immediately. read more »

VERITAS Software Reports Record Quarterly Revenue of $574 Million

VERITAS Software released results for 4Q2004, ended December 31. Revenue increased 14% to $574 million with a GAAP net income of $129 million. read more »

CA Reports Solid Third Quarter 2005 Results

Computer Associates released results for 3Q2005, ended December 31. Revenue increased 9% to $911 million with net income of $36 million. read more »

Postini Annual Email Security Report Shows Smaller Companies Experienced 10 Times More Spam in 2004

Postini published its Annual Email Security Report. Key findings: smaller companies received up to 10 times more spam per user than large businesses, certain industries received more than 10 times the amount of spam per user per day, and the average company experienced 150 directory harvest attacks per day, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Workplace Services Express – Are we ready for role-based workspaces?

A major announcement at this week’s Lotusphere conference is IBM’s Workplace Services Express – known as WSE for short. WSE integrates capabilities such as document management, team workspaces and instant messaging/presence awareness into a single collaboration platform. It is targeted…... read more »

The Notes Roadmap – IBM’s strategy is crystal clear (2005)

Yesterday at Lotusphere in Orlando, Florida, IBM executives spent a lot of time discussing the future of Notes/Domino and Workplace. A demonstration was given of both the forthcoming Notes 7 client, and what is now officially known as Workplace Client…... read more »

EMC Reports Fourth Quarter 2004, Full Year Results

EMC released results for 4Q2004, ended December 31. Revenue increased 27% to $2.36 billion with net income of $321 million. read more »

Symantec Introduces New Appliance Designed To Dramatically Reduce Volume Of Email And Malicious Threats Entering Corporate Networks

Symantec announced the Symantec Mail Security 8100 Series, its anti-spam appliance. Key features: controls the flow of email based on the sender’s actual behavior as well as reputation data, shapes traffic at the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) protocol level prohibiting spammers from forcing mail into a protected network, and provides automated reputation and statistics downloads, […]... read more »

iLumin Launches Assentor Mailbox Manager for Notes

iLumin Software Services announced Assentor Mailbox Manager for Notes, its email archiving and retention management solution for Lotus Notes. Key features: enforce multiple message archive rules, based on age, size, attachment type and folder; archive email to meet individual mailbox quota; and automate retrieval of email stubs from inboxes; among others. read more »

DYS Analytics Announces CONTROL! Standard Edition (SE) For IBM Lotus Domino

DYS Analytics announced CONTROL! Standard Edition, its messaging management solution small- to medium- sized businesses. Provides monitoring, analysis, alerting and reporting capabilities for Lotus Domino, Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing, and IBM Team Workplace. read more »

Symantec Introduces Comprehensive Email Security Appliances Designed To Protect Customers From Unwanted Spam And Virus Threats

Symantec announced Symantec Mail Security 8200 Series, its secure email gateway appliance. Key features: Brightmail AntiSpam and Symantec AntiVirus integration, volume management, and attack prevention, among others. Available February, 2005. read more »

McAfee Sponsored Secure Content Management Survey Shows That Integrated Messaging Solutions From Single Vendors Can Save Up to 1000 Man Hours Per Year

McAfee announced key findings from the Secure Content Management (SCM) survey of global enterprises. Survey findings: the vast majority of enterprise organizations believe that they have an obligation to protect and prevent employees from being exposed to offensive content via email, under one third of all enterprise businesses use a single vendor solution for messaging […]... read more »

Stellent Reports Record Third Quarter Revenues Of $27.7 Million

Stellent released results for 3Q2005, ended December 31. Revenue increased 44% to $27.7 million with a GAAP net income of $200,000. read more »

Symantec Reports Record Revenue And Earnings In Fiscal Third Quarter of 2005

Symantec released results for 3Q2005, ended December 31. Revenue increased 41% to $695 million with a GAAP net income of $164 million. read more »

Hummingbird Reports Continued Growth in Sales and Earnings in First Quarter

Hummingbird released results for 1Q2005, ended December 31. Revenue increased 8% to $53.9 million with a net loss of $1.7 million. read more »

McAfee, Inc. Delivers Industry’s First Multi-Layered Protection Against Growing Risk of Spyware

McAfee announced an enhancement to McAfee IntruShield, its network intrusion prevention solution. Adds anti-spyware protection. Available immediately. read more »

Turning The Tide

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New solutions for the zero hour Click Here for Story... read more »

Instant Messaging to Usurp SMS on Mobile Phones (2005)

It’s striking that while in N. America, instant messaging is very popular, elsewhere short messaging on cellphones (SMS) has been a far more popular alternative. The reasons for SMS dominance have been: Everyone’s got a mobile phone and your mobile…... read more »

An opening for corporate blogs? Click Here for Story... read more »

Microsoft’s Hosted Exchange Should Do Well (2005)

Today, January 10, Microsoft announced Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration. This is software sold to service providers, so that they in turn can offer a hosted solution to small and medium sized businesses. The components are: Exchange Server 2003, providing, mainly, email and group scheduling. Outlook users get full MAPI capabilities–in other words, […]... read more »

Phoenix Systems Integration Extends the Features of Their Phoenix Lotus Notes Connector for EMC Documentum

Phoenix Systems Integration announced the latest release of the Phoenix Lotus Notes Connector for EMC Documentum, its solution for connectivity between Lotus Notes and EMC Documentum. Key features: no Lotus Notes template alterations, notification when attempting to archive a previously-archived message, and browse to a content repository for email attachment(s) selection, among others. read more »

McAfee Entercept Delivers Industry’s Most Scalable and Secure Host IPS for Protection of Systems and Applications

McAfee released version 5.1 of McAfee Entercept, its intrusion prevention solution. Key enhancements: added scalability and performance, support for XP SP 2, and enhanced security, among others. Available immediately. read more »

IT Confidential: The FCC, VoIP, And Spyware–Oh, My!

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Alternating client and server upgrade cycles now the norm

Vendors have complained that customers take a very long time to adopt their latest releases, and now they are doing something about it – adapting. Deploying new messaging servers and clients is time consuming and expensive and IT budgets have…... read more »

Microsoft Releases Anti-Spyware beta

Microsoft released the beta of their anti-spyware tool that they acquired last month through their purchase of Giant Software. You can download the beta release here. Three things are notable about this release……... read more »

How Long is the Virus Window of Vulnerability? (2005)

Despite a large investment in anti-virus technology, enterprises are still vulnerable email-borne viruses that enter in the gap between their initial outbreak (the so-called zero hour) and the availability of a matching anti-viral signature. We discussed this window of vulnerability in depth in our recent report, Zero-Hour Defense Against Email-Borne Viruses. How large is the […]... read more »

Blogging Software for Windows

By now, everyone is familiar with blogs and how important they’ve become for sharing information, building community and so on. We could go further and say that for some purposes, using a blog is a much better tool for communicating…... read more »

Symantec Press Publishes ”Mapping Security”

Symantec released “Mapping Security: The Corporate Security Sourcebook For Today’s Global Economy,” the second book from Symantec Press. Examines how technology has allowed businesses to grow internationally almost overnight, and the information security risks and challenges that accompany such rapid, multinational growth. Available immediately. read more »

Phishing may drive proliferation of inboxes

eBay has just announced a new feature called my messages. It provides an inbox directly on the ebay site where subscribers can securely receive messages from eBay – for example requests to update account information that are so often a…... read more »

The Ideal Collaboration Toolset for Distributed Workers

What’s the ideal set of collaborative tools for distributed teams? The most important are: A shared file repository. Requirement. Search on top is highly desirable in most cases. There should be regular file backups, and access controls. Thumbnail images of…... read more »