Alternating client and server upgrade cycles now the norm

Vendors have complained that customers take a very long time to adopt their latest releases, and now they are doing something about it – adapting. Deploying new messaging servers and clients is time consuming and expensive and IT budgets have…... read more »

Microsoft Releases Anti-Spyware beta

Microsoft released the beta of their anti-spyware tool that they acquired last month through their purchase of Giant Software. You can download the beta release here. Three things are notable about this release……... read more »

How Long is the Virus Window of Vulnerability? (2005)

Despite a large investment in anti-virus technology, enterprises are still vulnerable email-borne viruses that enter in the gap between their initial outbreak (the so-called zero hour) and the availability of a matching anti-viral signature. We discussed this window of vulnerability in depth in our recent report, Zero-Hour Defense Against Email-Borne Viruses. How large is the […]... read more »