Following the Success of the Collaborative Conferencing Summit, the Collaborative Communications Summit is Launched to Address Needs of the Expanding Collaborative Technologies Market

The Collaborative Communications Summit will take place October 18-19, 2005 in San Francisco, California. This conference will focus on real time presence-aware collaboration tools and services, including video communication, VoIP, instant messaging, team collaboration environments, and mobile collaboration tools. read more »

ITsafe safeword concerns

Yesterday, we talked about the UK Government’s ITsafe security alerts system, and how it uses a “safeword” in an attempt to reduce spoofing attacks. We have some concerns […] The reality is that these sort of weak measures can lead to a false sense of security. Arguably, that’s worse than no measures at all.... read more »

McAfee, Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter Revenue of $244 Million and Full Year 2004 Revenue of $911 Million and Raises 2005 Revenue and EPS Guidance

McAfee released results for 4Q2004, ended December 31. Revenue decreased 10% to $244 million with net income of $44.5 million. read more »

UK Government has an idea

As reported elsewhere, The UK government today launched a service, ITsafe, for advising citizens about viruses and other threats. It comes from the NISCC (National Infrastructure Security Coordination Centre). To quote the website:ITsafe is designed to provide both home users…... read more »

The future cost of spam: an FAQ

There’s already been a lot of interest in our two spam cost reports (here and here), released yesterday. One of the questions that’s coming up is about how the costs will likely change in the future. Will they go up,…... read more »

LinuxWorld: A Messaging Perspective

As regular blog readers know, we went to LinuxWorld last week. It was held in Boston, as opposed to the previous Winter LinuxWorlds, which were in New York. An interesting and busy event….... read more »

Ferris Research Quoted in California State Law

California State Law: Click Here for Story... read more »

The Military Messaging Market

Military forces throughout the world send email. They have a number of special requirements, focussed around reliability, accountability, delivery guarantees, and message integrity. Surprisingly, encryption is fairly low on the list. The main requirements are: Digital signatures, to identify senders, and ensure the message hasn’t changed... read more »

Major companies team on vulnerability rating system

Cisco Systems, Microsoft, and Symantec are promoting Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), a rating system that will standardize the measurement of the severity of software vulnerabilities. Would provide a common language for describing the seriousness of computer security vulnerabilities and replace different, vendor-specific rating systems. read more »

Video email has the potential to improve business communication

Last week a colleague of mine showed me how his business has begun using video emails to straighten relationships with customers and employees. Video email typically is a normal HTML email message which contains a thumbnail, button or link that…... read more »

Microsoft Anti-Spyware to be Free

Microsoft announced at RSA yesterday that the Anti-Spyware product they acquired from Giant Software in December would be distributed for free. They also announced that they would release a new version of Internet Explorer to be called IE 7.0. Generally…... read more »

Some WiFi networks do bad things to email

This year’s East coast LinuxWorld conference is in Boston, at the Hynes Convention Center. As is becoming common, there’s a public WiFi network here. In this case, it’s provisioned using SolutionInc’s platform. It seems to work quite well, even at a geek-central show such as this. However, there’s one dumb thing it does, which I […]... read more »

Openwave and McAfee extend relationship to offer operators a mobile Anti-Virus Security Solution

Openwave Systems and McAfee announced they intend to deliver an anti-virus engine designed specifically for the mobile environment. read more »

Security wares abound at RSA Conference

Summary of the happenings at RSA Conference 2005. Show attracts range of solutions, including e-mail protection, virus prevention, and intrusion detection. There were major announcements from Symantec, Microsoft, HP, and Cisco and a slew of other companies. read more »

At LinuxWorld, Novell’s NIMS lives again as “Hula”

Remember NIMS, Novell Internet Mail System, later reborn as NetMail? The technology is about to get it’s third outing, as the core of Hula, “a new community project to create an open source collaboration server.” This illustrates several interesting trends…... read more »

Sun Microsystems Announces Significant Security Enhancements To Sun Java System Communications Suite

Sun Microsystems announced enhancements to Sun Java System Communications Suite, its collaboration suite. Key enhancements: S/MIME support in Communications Express Web client, enhanced delegated administration utility, and Symantec AntiVirus Scan Engine integration, among others. read more »

McAfee Avert to Provide Daily DATs to McAfee Customers Providing the Most Up-to-Date Anti-Virus Protection Available

McAfee announced that it will provide McAfee AVERT DATs (virus definition data files) on a daily basis for customers using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, McAfee WebShield, McAfee GroupShield, and McAfee NetShield. Available February, 2005. read more »

The Deadly Duo: Spam and Viruses, January 2005

ClickZ Network: Click Here for Story... read more »

MailFrontier Announces Enterprise Email Security Without Compromise

MailFrontier: Click Here for Story... read more »

CA Extends Leadership in Identity and Access Management With eTrust IAM Suite r8

Computer Associates announced release 8 of eTrust Identity and Access Management Suite, its identity and access management solution. Key enhancements: template-based provisioning processes, pre-defined policies for common applications, and enhanced virtual directory capabilities, among others. Available February, 2005. read more »

Symantec Announces Enterprise-Class Anti-Spyware Solutions

Symantec announced version 3.0 of Symantec Client Security and version 10.0 of Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition, its solutions for protection against spyware, adware and blended threats. Automatically detect and remove spyware, as well provide integrated fix tools and repair damage caused by these risks. Available March, 2005. read more »

McAfee, Inc. Delivers the Industry’s First Truly Business Grade Anti-Spyware Solution

McAfee announced McAfee Anti-Spyware Enterprise. Key features: on-access scanning to identify, block, and eliminate potentially unwanted programs, on-demand scanning, and centralized management, among others. Available March, 2005. read more »

Death To Spam Click Here for Story... read more »

SPF can have unintended consequences

Oh dear. The Law of Unintended Consequences is hard at work again… When people post blog comments here, they also get emailed to the author of the original blog post. The email has the commenter’s address as the sender, even…... read more »

Microsoft, GeCAD, and Sybari: competitive issues

Yesterday was the first day of the Microsoft Global ISV partner conference, an invitation-only event for the top 200 vendors in the Microsoft "ecosystem." Amongst the anti-virus vendors in attendance, the mood was dark. Chris is right when he says that Sybari doesn’t own an anti-virus engine: the technology is a wrapper around 3rd-party engines. […]... read more »

Symantec Press Publishes “The Art Of Computer Virus Research And Defense”

Symantec announced The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense,” its book published by Symantec Press. Provides an insider’s view of how computer virus research is conducted and how threats are analyzed for the sake of better security measurement. Available immediately. read more »

Zero Hour Anti-Virus Measures Could Mean More False Positives

Zero Hour anti-virus prevention is clearly the hot area of competition among anti-virus vendors these days. Each vendor is trying to narrow the window between when a virus is first released into the wild and when an anti-virus signature is…... read more »

Another example of “grey-area” spam

Several of us received email from a person we’d never heard of, who was looking for work. Well, that’s a legitimate use of email, right? Well, perhaps, but we’re back to the “eye of the beholder” question again.... read more »

Merging Voice, E-Mail and More Click Here for Story... read more »

Phishing still the fastest growing online scam

Legalbrief eLaw & Management: Click Here for Story... read more »

First GeCAD and Giant, now Sybari

Today, Microsoft announced that it is acquiring Sybari. This comes hard on the heels of their buying Giant, and GeCAD….... read more »

False Positive problems

There are problems when legitimate DM is filtered as spam, becoming a false positive. Here are three reasons why this matters.... read more »

Sophos Snapshot

Product Summary Desktop/laptop/server anti-virus software and update service. Runs on over 28 platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, NetWare, UNIX, Linux, NetApp Storage Systems, OS/2 and OpenVMS. See Enterprise Management Console. Provides centralized monitoring, configuration, and reporting of Windows and Macintosh…... read more »

One man’s spam is another’s delicate repast?

Last week, David posted, saying "One man’s spam is another’s delicate repast." Steve Kille from Isode commented that this might only be true very rarely. Steve’s right, in a literal sense. However, the real "spam vs. delicacy" issue is in the grey area–where the newsletters and "legitimate" direct marketing (DM) live. Far from being "very, […]... read more »

Hummingbird Unveils New Release of Enterprise Content Management Platform Delivering Innovative, Customer-Driven Functionality

Hummingbird announced Hummingbird Enterprise 2005, its enterprise content management solution. Key enhancements: Outlook access to the capabilities of Hummingbird Enterprise, new desktop search capability, and enhanced hierarchical security model, among others. Available 3Q2005. read more »