More about spyware

A follow-on from David's post about spyware yesterday: a warning about XoftSpy and a note about vendor sharing of information...

First, the mention of XoftSpy should absolutely, positively not be mistaken for a recommendation. We've not researched it personally, but there are strongly-worded concerns out there that the product isn't all it purports to be. The lesson here is to know whom you're dealing with and be careful when downloading any software — even software designed to protect you from spyware 😉

Second, there is quite a lot of informal data sharing, but it's
mostly around what David refers to as "cottage industry" efforts. Witness the AdAware forums. Also there are community sites such as Spyware Warrior to be considered. This is similar to what we saw in the early days of
viruses. But as anti-spyware becomes an "industry," this openness may go away. Microsoft's purchase of Giant Software is one pathfinder: the information available on Giant's website and their community site has been severely curtailed.

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