The problem with blogs as “conversations”

Some like to see blogs as a way to have conversations. Blogs reference other blogs; people add comments; trackbacks form back-links to references; all is happy, sweetness, and light.

...or not. What we have right now, the state of the art if you will, is a messy prototype. Comments are too prone to comment spam, most people find it hard to understand the concept of trackbacks, and the whole thing is just too difficult.

If feeds and aggregation really are going to replace email,
it needs to be a whole lot easier to have conversations. Today,
conceptualizing, navigating, and adding to a thread is just too hard
for 95% of users (for sufficiently believable values of "95%").

So how do we make this a friction-free process? Glenn Reid has had an interesting idea; he's still thinking about it.

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    The timimg of your post is excellent, given that Jess Stratton addressed “conversations” in a blog thread I have at

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