Sophos Snapshot

Product Summary

  • Desktop/laptop/server anti-virus software and update service. Runs on over 28 platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, NetWare, UNIX, Linux, NetApp Storage Systems, OS/2 and OpenVMS. See

  • Enterprise

    Management Console. Provides centralized monitoring, configuration, and reporting of Windows and Macintosh anti-virus clients. EM Library tool allows automatic updating across the network on over 18 platforms.

  • PureMessage anti-spam gateway. Versions for Unix and Windows/Exchange. Unix version normally runs at Internet boundary. See

Company Statistics

930 staff; $94M revenues for FYE 3/04 with roughly 20% pre-tax profitability; 36% revenue growth over FYE 3/03. Forecast $120M for FYE 3/05.

N America

35% of revenues

Plans--Next 12 Months

  • Increased integration between anti-spam and anti-virus offerings

  • Adware, spyware filtering

  • Will offer anti-spam technology as appliance as well as in current software embodiment

  • Will offer personal firewall

  • Support for Windows 64-bit, Cisco NAC, Mac OS 10.4

  • Continued improvements to management console

  • Improved remote virus cleanup

Other Comments

  • Sophos is the #4 anti-virus vendor, behind Symantec, Network Associates, Trend

  • Company doing well, has potential to enter top three

  • Company has strong engineering culture, could develop better marketing skills

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