Microsoft, GeCAD, and Sybari: competitive issues

Yesterday was the first day of the Microsoft Global ISV partner conference, an invitation-only event for the top 200 vendors in the Microsoft "ecosystem." Amongst the anti-virus vendors in attendance, the mood was dark.

Chris is right when he says that Sybari doesn't own an anti-virus engine: the technology is a wrapper around 3rd-party engines. (In passing, we should note that Sybari's anti-spam engine is now licensed from Commtouch, which seems quite highly thought of.)

However, Microsoft has made it clear that it plans to integrate the AV engine that it acquired with GeCAD. It already has its own anti-spam engine; the one in IMF.

Six months ago, at the last partner conference, the AV vendors present didn't exactly mingle much. This time however, many were seen conferring in corners, muttering darkly about industry consortiums.

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    I have my own set of beefs with some industry consortiums in the email space (too many of them, acting competitively, insufficient collaboration between them etc). So I’m interested. What does “mutter darkly about industry consortiums” mean?

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