Microsoft Anti-Spyware to be Free

Microsoft announced at RSA yesterday that the Anti-Spyware product they acquired from Giant Software in December would be distributed for free. They also announced that they would release a new version of Internet Explorer to be called IE 7.0.

Generally this is a Good Thing which will reduce the costs of managing the Windows platform for organizations and individuals.  But it raises the question of just how Microsoft will productize the Sybari applications that they acquired this month.

I've personally blogged that Microsoft should buy and integrate anti-spam technology into Exchange.  They should do this because email as a technology is "sick" based on constant spam and virus attacks. Microsoft has to protect the basic technology infrastructure before they can expand the business with future releases like Exchange 12.

The Sybari technologies are even more of a "niche" business than the standalone desktop applications acquired from Giant.  If Microsoft is ready to give away the more lucrative opportunity of anti-spyware in order to secure their desktop franchise, it stands to reason that we'll see a similar announcement regarding the Sybari tools in the near future to protect the Exchange business.

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