LinuxWorld: A Messaging Perspective

As regular blog readers know, we went to LinuxWorld last week. It was held in Boston, as opposed to the previous Winter LinuxWorlds, which were in New York. An interesting and busy event.

The scheduling had raised some eyebrows, causing attendees to be
away from home on Valentine's Day. Perhaps the organizers reasoned that
Linux lovers only have eyes for the penguin?

Attendance didn't seem to suffer though, being at least as good as
at New York last year. We estimate about 7,500 people walked the show
floor over its three days.

Paid attendance at the breakout sessions was also encouraging. Your
humble author's panel session attracted around 100 people, despite
being scheduled in a kiss-of-death slot (9am on the last day).

In addition to the bigger booths from IBM/Lotus, Novell, Oracle, and Sun, we saw email-related offerings from:

(Apologies to any vendors we may have missed in the scrum.)

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