Interesting Survey of Email and IM Usage

The American Management Institute (AMA) and the ePolicy Institute recently conducted an interesting survey of email and instant messaging usage. Here we quote some of the results. Note that most responses came from small and medium size organizations. Many the…... read more »

MessageLabs Addresses Email Privacy With A Managed Encryption Service

MessageLabs announced the launch of MessageLabs Boundary Encryption service, its boundary-to-boundary encryption service. Using SMTP over Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, email sent between an organization’s mail server, MessageLabs, and designated partners travels via TLS encrypted channels. read more »

Hummingbird Unveils New ECM Client for Microsoft Outlook Featuring Revolutionary Dynamic Business Views

Hummingbird announced Hummingbird Enterprise Client for Microsoft Outlook, its ECM Client for Outlook. Provides an interactive, business-based view of the suite of Hummingbird Enterprise functionality from within Outlook. Available as an option of Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 in 3Q2005. read more »

Cell phone viruses

San Antonio Express-News: Click Here for Story... read more »

Snapshot: Sunbelt Anti-Spyware

Vendor Name: Sunbelt SoftwareDate of This Document: March 24, 2005Authors: David Ferris, Richi JenningsSource of Information: Alex Eckelberry, President, alexe@sunbelt-software.comQuick Summary of Firm’s Offerings. Anti-spyware software, Windows administrator tools. Company Statistics · # Full-Time Staff: 94 in US, 6 in…... read more »

Oracle Acquires Oblix, Expanding Oracle’s Integrated Security And Identity Management Capability

Oracle announced that it has completed the acquisition of Oblix, a developer of identity-based security solutions for heterogeneous computing environments. read more »

iLumin Unveils Email Management Suite for Advanced Lifecycle Management

iLumin Software Services released version 3.4 of Asentor Enterprise, its email management solution. Includes enhancements to the Compliance module, including new reports to support the most regulatory audit and investigation processes. Available immediately. read more »

How not to be a spammer [3]: the DNS is your friend

How can legitimate direct marketers get their messages through more reliably? How can they avoid being branded as a spammer by over-enthusiastic spam vigilanties? We wrote about this problem before. See [1] and [2]. This is the first of an…... read more »

Snapshot: InterMute Anti-Spyware

Vendor Name: InterMuteDate of Publication: March 7, 2005Authors: David Ferris, Richi JenningsSource of Information: Andy Ostrom, Marketing DirectorQuick Summary of Firm’s Offerings. InterMute offers various types of security software. Here we focus on its enterprise anti-spyware solutions. Company Statistics ·…... read more »

RSS replacing email for some tasks?

As we noted last month, some uses for email will give way to blogs and RSS feeds. People are just starting to replace email newsletters with RSS or Atom feeds. They “pull” updated content via HTTP and XML, rather than have it “pushed” to them by SMTP. They read it in RSS readers or aggregators, rather than in traditional mail clients. We’ll see this trend get much bigger in 2005/6. But there’s a problem…... read more »

Snapshot: QUALCOMM’s Eudora2go

Vendor Name: QUALCOMMDate of Publication: March 3, 2005Author: David FerrisSource of Information: Bill Ganon, VP, Eudora Products Group, QUALCOMMSummary of Offering. Eudora makes desktop email clients, and mail server software. Here we focus on its new email software for mobile…... read more »

Hummingbird’s Content Drive Technology to Dramatically Improve Enterprise Content Management Experience

Hummingbird announced Content Drive, its new technology designed to streamline the way desktop applications interact with the Hummingbird Enterprise content repository. Provides for all the content repository’s file operations to be handled natively at the Microsoft operating system kernel level, eliminating the need to write and maintain specific code to transfer the documents. Available 3Q2005. […]... read more »

Symantec Introduces Hosted Mail Security Solution Designed To Filter Spam And Virus Threats From Email Traffic

Symantec released Symantec Hosted Mail Security, its hosted solution for protection against spam, viruses, and other unwanted content for inbound and outbound Internet email traffic. Key features: encrypted file handling, subject and message body filtering, and policy-based filtering controls for attachment blocking, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Hackers shifting their focus to pharming

IT Manager’s Journal: Click Here for Story... read more »

IBM’s New FairUCE Take On Spam

IT Solutions: Click Here for Story... read more »

Security360 Replay

Just a quick note that there’s a replay of the recent Microsoft Security360 on phishing available. Ferris Research sent your fearless correspondent to appear on the panel. Go to for the links.... read more »


IBM today announced an alphaWorks project that’s been kicking around for a while. Precis: it tries to match the sender IP to the purported sender domain. If it can’t find a match, it falls back to something similar to challenge/response….... read more »

IBM Wades Into Murky Waters of Anti-Spam Tech

Information Week: Click Here for Story... read more »

Snapshot: Azaleos

Vendor Name: AzaleosDate of Publication: December 2005Author(s): David FerrisSource of Information: Roger Gerdes, CEO, and Keith McCall, CTOQuick Summary of Firm’s Offerings. Managed appliance for Microsoft Exchange Azaleos OneServer Appliance Product Name: Azaleos OneServer Appliance and Azaleos OneStop ServicesProduct Functionality:·…... read more »

EMC Delivers New EMC Documentum Product Innovations

EMC announced enhancements to the EMC Documentum enterprise content management (ECM) product family. Enhancements and new products are provided in three key areas: Content Services, Process Services, and Repository Services. Available March 2005. read more »

Postini Announces First Anti-Spam Service Designed Specifically for Small and Midsize Business

Postini announced Postini Perimeter Manager Small Business Edition, its managed email security service. Key features: automated user account creation, pre-configured service settings, and seven days disaster recovery spooling, among others. read more »

Which ISPs do Best on False Positives?

Which consumer ISP blocks least legitimate email? One data point are the “deliverability” statistics captured by legitimate direct marketing email service providers (ESPs). Here’s some data from Return Path, showing a wide variation amongst different ISPs…... read more »

An Example of VoIP Spam–Well, Sort Of

Today I received my first spam through a public VoIP service. Well, sort of. Skype is a rapidly growing, and innovative, VoIP service. In addition to its voice services, it offers chat. The spam–see below–was sent to me via chat….... read more »

McAfee Simplifies Anti-Spyware and Adware Protection for Small to Medium Businesses

McAfee released enhancements to McAfee ProtectionPilot, its tool that helps small to medium businesses proactively deploy and manage their threat protection from a central location. Adds support for centralized management of McAfee Anti-Spyware Enterprise for Small to Medium Businesses. Available immediately. read more »

Snapshot: Antepo’s Open IM

Vendor Name: AntepoDate of Publication: March 3, 2005Author: David FerrisSource of Information: Maxime Seguineau, CEO ChairmanQuick Summary of Firm’s Offerings. Open standards presence and instant messaging software. Company Statistics · # Full-Time Staff: 25· # Full-Time Product Development Staff: 15·…... read more »

Trend Micro Mobile Security Provides Integrated Mobile Phone Protection for Device Owners and Mobile Operators

Trend Micro announced version 2.0 of Trend Micro Mobile Security, its antivirus and anti-spam solution for data-centric wireless mobile devices. Key enhancements: enhanced antivirus, increased device support, and SMS anti-spam protection for data-centric wireless mobile devices, among others. Available 3Q2005. read more »

Symantec Managed Security Services Offers Intrusion Prevention Systems Support

Symantec announced an enhancement to Symantec Managed Security Services. Adds Monitored and Managed IPS (intrusion prevention systems) Service which includes support for a list of network-based IPS, including ISS, Juniper Networks, Tipping Point, McAfee, and Cisco, as well as Symantec Network Security 7100 Series appliances. Key features: in line passive mode, block all mode, and […]... read more »

Pharming: why this isn’t going to be a big problem

Last week, we wrote about what Pharming is. This post talks more about why it’s not as big a problem as some people believe. It examines the reasons in more detail, and provides some actionable recommendations for organizations. We also take the lazier banks to task for not doing more to protect their customers from phishing and pharming attacks.... read more »

Personal emails can cause corporate headaches

Yet another high level executive (Boeing’s Harry Stonecipher), has lost his job over ill-considered use of email. This is an old story, or an old pattern of unintended consequences: email written in one context is often revealed in another. A few years ago, it looked like it might be possible to create certain categories of […]... read more »

SurfControl Expands Unified Phishing Attack Protection For Global Enterprises

SurfControl announced enhancements to SurfControl Web and E-mail Filters by delivering layered phishing protection against emerging threats. Key enhancements: expansion of SurfControl web filter’s URL content database, extension of SurfControl email filter’s URL content database, and expanded reporting capabilities, among others. read more »

NETGEAR and Trend Micro Join Forces to Deliver Integrated Network Security for Homes and Small Business

Trend Micro and NETGEAR announced a partnership agreement to integrate Trend Micro Home Network Security with NETGEAR’s wireless and broadband firewall routers for the home as well as the integration of Trend Micro Client/ Server/Messaging Suite for SMB and Client/Server Suite for SMB in NETGEAR’s ProSafe line of business networking solutions read more »

Snapshot: Symantec Corporate Anti-Virus

Vendor Name: SymantecDate of Publication: February 18, 2005Author: David FerrisSource of Information: Kevin Haley, Group Product Manager Company Statistics # Full-Time Staff: 5,300Stock Market Status: Public, SYMCRevenues: $1,870M for FYE 4/2/04; $1,407M for FYE 3/31/03 Anti-Virus Offerings A large part of Symantec’s business is to provide virus, spam, and content filtering solutions. Its main business […]... read more »

What the heck is “pharming” and should I be worried?

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! …or perhaps not. What is this thing called pharming? Put simply, it’s redirection of web traffic, so that the server you think you’re talking to actually belongs to a criminal. For example:…... read more »

Spam costs UK businesses £1.3bn a year

Personnel Today: Click Here for Story... read more »

Unified communications starts to pick up steam

IT Manager’s Journal, Fremont, CA: Click Here for Story... read more »