Snapshot: MailFrontier Gateway v4

Vendor Name: MailFrontier.
Date of Publication: February 15, 2005.
Author(s). David Ferris, Nick Shelness.
Source of Information: Deanne Philips, Analyst Relations Manager.
Quick Summary of Firm's Offerings. MailFrontier sells email hygiene technology, with an emphasis on anti-spam, anti-phishing, and anti-virus.

Company Statistics

· # Full-Time Staff: 65.
· Stock Market Status: Privately held.
· Revenues: Not disclosed. Ferris Research estimates calendar 2004 revenues at $4M to $5M, calendar 2005 revenues at $10M.
· Profitability: Still investing, not yet profitable.
· # Live Customer Seats: Company says it has about 825,000 active seats.

MailFrontier Gateway v4

Product Name. MailFrontier Gateway
Product Functionality
· Spam control
· Virus control
· Phishing control
Platforms. Available as an appliance (MailFrontier Gateway Appliance) or software (MailFrontier Gateway Server) that runs on Windows or Solaris
Main New Features of V4
· Zombie Detection. Identifies compromised machines within your Intranet
· Virus Traffic Analysis. Checks email flow within your Intranet for anomalies and quarantines potentially dangerous attachments.
· Disguised Text Identification. This is applied to both incoming and outgoing email.
· Policies defined by LDAP Groups. Enables policy definition by department, group, office, etc. This allows MailFrontier policies to be applied to Active Directory groups, Domino Directory groups, and groups defined in other LDAP accessible directories.
· Group Administration. Administration can be delegated to different administrators within your organization.
· Faster Message Scanning. Improves performance
Release Date: v4.0 is available in March, 2005.
Pricing. MailFrontier Gateway Appliance pricing starts at $7,225; MailFrontier Gateway Server pricing starts at $2,250 per year for 100 users, based on a 2-year contract; MailFrontier Gateway Server, Small Business Edition pricing starts at $390 per year for 20 users, based on a 2-year contract
Main Plans--Next 12 Months:
· Will add encryption capabilities, through partnerships with PGP and Voltage
· Will extend scanning from email to instant messaging, through a partnership with Akonix

Other Ferris Research Comments
· Useful enhancements
· The technology scanning for internal problems is a new direction for the industry

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