Snapshot: Sunbelt Anti-Spyware

Vendor Name: Sunbelt Software
Date of This Document: March 24, 2005
Authors: David Ferris, Richi Jennings
Source of Information: Alex Eckelberry, President,
Quick Summary of Firm's Offerings. Anti-spyware software, Windows administrator tools.

Company Statistics

· # Full-Time Staff: 94 in US, 6 in India. A loosely-affiliated firm in Paris has 45 staff in Paris and London
· # Full-Time Product Development Staff. 30
· Stock Market Status: Private
· Revenues: Calendar 2005 project $22M in US, $17M in Europe. Calendar 2004 was $16.6M in US, $15M overseas.
· Profitability: Recently have achieved profitability. Self-financed, firm has used profits to fund growth.
· # Live Paying Customer Seats: Counterspy Enterprise has at least 100,000 seats. It's ramping up rapidly.
· # Live Customer Organizations: Counterspy has about 750 organizational customers; says it's adding 40 to 50 a week.

CounterSpy Enterprise

Product Name: CounterSpy Enterprise
Product Functionality:
· Policy based spyware management. Eg, policies can be defined for individual users or groups of users; scans can be scheduled; specific threats can be allowed or disallowed.
· Centralized notifications and reporting.
Platforms: Windows
V1 Launch Date: December 15, 2004
Competition: Main competitors in the enterprise market are Webroot SpySweeper Enterprise, CA PestPatrol, McAfee AntiSpyware (a plug-in to its anti-virus offering), Tenebril SpyCatcher Enterprise and Intermute SpySubtract. Other more visible anti-spyware products include Symantec’s product line, SpyBot S&D, Lavasoft AdAware, but these are generally not focused on the enterprise market, being more suitable for individual consumers. Note: Symantec has announced enterprise spyware support in an upcoming offering but nothing has been shipped yet.
Pricing: Client starts at $25/seat, goes down to $5/seat for 20,000 to 50,000 seats; 25%-of-list per client after first year for database subscription. Discounts available for educational and government users.
Main Plans--Next 12 Months:
· Move to anti-virus and firewall protection
· Improve scalability for customers with 150,000 seat+.
Vendor's Perception of its Top Competitive Strengths:
· Centralized management
· Catch more spyware than others due to quality of database
· Has broad support for keyloggers
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Ferris Research Comments

· Spyware's become a hot topic over the last couple of months. Most companies have poor controls in place at the moment. A year from now, most will have good controls in place. The enterprise anti-spyware market is growing rapidly. Growth is much faster than the anti-virus market experienced, due to the faster spread of this type of malware.
· As this marketplace settles down, leading anti-virus vendors (eg, Symantec, McAfee, Trend) will offer good spyware control.
· Expect some acquisitions of spyware control solutions by large anti-virus vendors. Microsoft’s acquisition of Giant Software illustrates this. Sunbelt co-authored their anti-spyware engine with Giant, and so the Microsoft AntiSpyware engine is broadly the same engine inside CounterSpy. The Giant engine has enjoyed a consistently strong reputation for accuracy and completeness, which bodes well for Sunbelt. Sunbelt claims that it tunes the ruleset for its version of the engine to be slightly more aggressive than Microsoft’s.
· All spyware solutions will expand their security capabilities. Virus control will be a common first step. The boundary between anti-spyware and anti-virus will contine to blur, which will quickly become a challenge for vendors who only address one or the other.
· Sunbelt is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and the two companies have had a strong and friendly partnership for a number of years. The current relationship includes the shared ownership of spyware definition files until July of 2007.

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