For Instant Messaging and Presence Services Federation and Standards are Complementary (2005)

In an earlier post to this Blog, my colleague David Via opined that recent announcements by AOL, etc. of the federation of various Instant Messaging and Presence services and offerings reflected a failure of Instant Messaging and Presence standards. I disagree. I have written a longer piece entitled  “An Introduction to Presence Models and Standards” […]... read more »

Iron Mountain Incorporated Reports First Quarter 2005 Financial Results

Iron Mountain released results for 1Q2005, ended March 31. Revenue increased 16% to $501 million with net income of $23 million. read more »

Hummingbird Reports Second Quarter FY2005 Financial and Operating Results

Hummingbird released results for 2Q2005, ended March 31. Revenue decreased 1% to $54.3 million with a GAAP net loss of $1.2 million. read more »

Quest Software to Acquire Imceda Software, Inc.

Quest Software announced a definitive agreement to acquire Imceda Software, a provider of database administration and development products for SQL Server databases. The acquisition is valued at approximately $61 million. The transaction will be completed in 2Q2005. read more »

Hummingbird and VERITAS to Link Content Management and E-mail Archiving Products to Control Lifecycle of Business Information

Hummingbird and VERITAS Software announced a strategic alliance that will integrate VERITAS Enterprise Vault 6.0 e-mail and content archiving software with Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 enterprise content management platform. The combination is designed to enable customers to better manage electronic records such as e-mail, Instant Messages, and file system documents as part of an integrated content […]... read more »

Cell phones now richer targets for viruses, spam, scams

USA Today: Click Here for Story... read more »

Battle to beat spam

New Zealand Herald: Click Here for Story... read more »

Snapshot: Veritas/KVS Enterprise Vault

Vendor Name: VeritasDate of This Document: March 15, 2005Authors: David Ferris, David ViaSource of Information: Andrew Barnes, Vault Marketing Manager; Jeff Hausman, Product Marketing DirectorQuick Summary of Firm’s Offerings. Veritas sells storage and infrastructure software products and services Company Statistics · # Full-Time Staff: Veritas has 6,500 employees. In September 2004, 200 people world-wide were […]... read more »

SurfControl plc Announces Results for the FY 05 Third Quarter Ending March 31, 2005

SurfControl released results for 3Q2005, ended March 31. Revenue increased 12% to $25 million with net income of $600,000. read more »

SurfControl Expands Internet Security Portfolio With Addition Of Enterprise Threat Shield For Advanced Spyware Prevention

SurfControl announced SurfControl Enterprise Threat Shield, its anti-spyware solution. Key features: four protection layers, centralized deployment and reporting, and four dynamically updated Threat Shield databases, among others. Available May 2005. read more »

How not to be a spammer [5]: Tell me why I got this

How can legitimate direct marketers get their messages through more reliably? How can they avoid being branded as a spammer by over-enthusiastic spam vigilanties? We wrote about this problem before. See [1] and [2]. This is the third of an…... read more »

Postini Perimeter Manager Enterprise Edition Version 6 Provides Optimal Blend of Control and Automation within Award-Winning Managed Service Environment

Postini released version 6 of Perimeter Manager Enterprise Edition, its email security and management solution. Key enhancements: improved accuracy rate, actionable quarantine summary, and automated user account creation, among others. Available immediately. read more »

LinuxWorld Canada: A Messaging Perspective

We went to LinuxWorld Canada earlier this week, held in Toronto. An interesting event, although not quite as busy as the recent US conference in Boston….... read more »

Trend Micro Reports First Quarter 2005 Results

Trend Micro released results for 1Q2005, ended March 31. Revenue increased 27% to Yen 17.3 billion ($165 million) with net income of Yen 4.6 billion ($43.6 million). read more »

Quest MessageStats is Now Integrated with Microsoft Operations Manager 2005

Quest Software released version 5.5 of Quest MessageStats, its software for Microsoft Exchange Server usage reporting and analysis. Key enhancements: integration with Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), management grouping of MessageStats servers within MOM 2005, and display of the current state of all managed MessageStats servers through the MOM 2005 console, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Quest Exchange Reporting Now Available for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005

Quest Software released Quest Exchange Reporting Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005, its solution for Exchange traffic analysis and reporting. Provides approximately 20 new traffic reports and new report distribution capabilities. Available immediately. read more »

Open Text Introduces Unified Livelink ECM Platform

Open Text announced Livelink ECM Platform, its integrated ECM framework. Combines a shared content repository with user, content, and process services in a service-oriented architecture. read more »

Veritest Announces Anti-Spam Benchmark Service Results

VeriTest announced the results from its first Anti-Spam Benchmark Service Study. VeriTest’s Anti-Spam Benchmark measures the spam-blocking effectiveness of anti-spam products. More than seven products were tested, including products from Barracuda Networks, Finjan Software, MessageLabs, and SurfControl. The average spam blocked during testing was greater than 97%. read more »

McAfee Desktop Firewall 8.5 Defends Enterprises Against Insecure Mobile Client Access and Ensures Policy Compliance

McAfee announced version 8.5 of McAfee Desktop Firewall. Key enhancements: multi-layered protection; network quarantining; and connection aware policies, which apply a pre-defined firewall rule set based on whether the user’s connection meets certain criteria, among others. read more »

Symantec Offers Free Anti-Spyware Beta

Symantec announced Norton Internet Security 2005 Anti-Spyware Edition, a new version of its integrated security suite that includes a full-featured anti-spyware component. Utilizes Symantec’s Risk Impact Model to analyze adware and spyware, score it against a set of predefined criteria, then delete it or ask the user what he/she wants to do with it. Available […]... read more »

SquareAnswer’s bid to control email

A startup called SquareAnswer has the magic bullet that will kill spam and make your inbox only receive mail from “real people.” …or perhaps not. Certainly, some of the ideas have been tried before, although not all of them combined. This post outlines their approach.... read more »

Growing VoIP Sort-of-Spam Problem

Many people will soon have free telephony over the Internet, to large and generally closed user communities. Leading players here will be: Public instant messaging-based services, notably AIM/AOL, MSN, and Yahoo Telephony-based IP services, such as Skype A sort-of-spam problem…... read more »

Why Challenge/Response is Bad

Challenge/response (C/R) is disliked by users and legitimate bulk mailers alike. Unfortunately, anti-spam technologists who should know better keep re-inventing it. Although useful in some environments, it’s generally worse than today’s state of the art spam filters, which use techniques such as Bayesian filtering and out-of-band connection data analysis. This post explains why.... read more »

Snapshot: AOL Instant Messaging’s Enterprise Federation Program

Vendor Name: AOLDate of This Document: April 14, 2005Author: David FerrisSource of Information: Brian Curry, VP, Premium and Subscription Services, AOLQuick Summary of Firm’s Offerings. Runs the largest public IM service, AIM, and a smaller one, ICQ. This program is…... read more »

Toxic Blogs Distribute Malcode and Keyloggers

Websense announced that blogs are increasingly being exploited as a means to distribute malicious code and keylogging software. In some cases, the culprits create a blog on a legitimate host site, post viral code or keylogging software to the page, and attract traffic to the toxic blog by sending a link through spam email or […]... read more »

Trend Micro Fights Spyware With Unique, Multi-Layered Approach for Enterprise Networks

Trend Micro announced Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Suite and Trend Micro OfficeScan, its anti spyware solutions. Web Security key features: blocks spyware from entering the network at the gateway, blocks outbound "phone home" communications containing private information, and initiates a cleanup of impacted clients, among others. OfficeScan blocks unwanted spyware, adware, remote access tools, […]... read more »

How Much Time is Wasted by an Email Interruption?

How much time is wasted when an email comes in and disrupts a user? I think it’s much more than most people might think, an average of about three minutes per interruption. How Does the Wasted Time Break Down? The…... read more »

The Problem of Email Interruptions

Email is very disruptive. The problem’s being aggravated by always-on mobile devices. How frequent are the interruptions, and what can be done? Number of Interruptions per Workday The typical business email user today is interrupted about six to eight times…... read more »

More deliverability data

Last month, we talked about some data on deliverability of legitimate bulk email to various public email services, in this post. Today, we have some additional data to share. Here are some highlights and analysis:…... read more »

How not to be a spammer [4]: say HELO

How can legitimate direct marketers get their messages through more reliably? How can they avoid being branded as a spammer by over-enthusiastic spam vigilanties? We wrote about this problem before. See [1] and [2]. This is the second of an…... read more »

CA to Acquire Concord Communications

Computer Associates announced it has definitive agreement to acquire Concord Communications, a provider of network service management software solutions. The transaction is valued at $350 million. The acquisition is expected to be completed in 3Q2005. read more »

GFI MailEssentials 11’s new SURBL feature further extends its lead in spam detection

GFI released version 11 of GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP, its server-based anti-spam solution. Key enhancements: SURBL checking, to detect spam based on URLs in the message body; enhanced protection against directory harvesting attacks; and the ability for administrators to configure custom RBL servers; among others. Available immediately. read more »

Fortiva Raises $5 Million in Series A Financing

Fortiva announced that it has raised an additional $4 million in equity financing from Ventures West and Mclean Watson Capital. read more »

AdvisorMail Slashes Email and IM Compliance Review Time by 50%

LiveOffice announced version 4.0 of AdvisorMail, its email and IM supervisory system that enables organizations to implement an electronic compliance solution. Key enhancements: improved user navigation, expedited compliance department review of problematic communications, and attorney-client controls for privileged and confidential emails and IMs, among others. Available immediately. read more »

ZipLip Releases Enhanced Discovery Module

ZipLip released Enhanced Discovery Module, its enhanced search solution included as part of the ZipLip Unified Archival Suite. Key enhancements: greater granularity and refinement of searches according to use within sentences, paragraphs, and whole documents; auto-categorization and search metadata, and simultaneous cross-alias searching, among others. Available immediately. read more »