Blogs–Good to See as Low-Overhead Publishing, Not Just Casual Interactions

Blogs are a very good way to share information. However, almost all blogs today are very informal. It’s usually fine to toss out casual opinions and indulge in a spot of fun. Blogs are seen as democratic technologies that let anyone communicate opinions and information with anyone that’s interested. They’re like latter-day email bulletin boards […]... read more »

DYS Analytics Announces Email CONTROL! Desktop Edition for Microsoft Exchange

DYS Analytics announced Email CONTROL! Desktop Edition for Microsoft Exchange, its solution for diagnosing and troubleshooting Exchange performance issues. Key features: real-time probing, message reporting, and historical transaction analysis, among others. Available June 2005.... read more »

CA Reports Solid Q4 and Full-Year Results

Computer Associates released results for 4Q2005, ended March 31. Revenue increased 7% to $910 million with et income of $17 million.... read more »

Mailshell, Little Known but Important Anti-Spam Vendor

Mailshell is not a well-known name. The firm specializes in spam and phishing control software, for other software vendors. Thus its clients include Oracle, CyberGuard, Panda Software, ZyXEL, Broderbund and Lyris, who have included MailShell’s software into their own offerings…... read more »

Latest MailMeter Archive Release Outpaces Competition With Industry’s Fastest Search Results and Most Sophisticated Email Intelligence Reporting Engine

Waterford Technologies released version 3.0 of MailMeter Archive, its email archiving, solution for Exchange and Lotus Domino mail servers. Key enhancements: improved search results through intelligent indexing of email archives and browser-based, drill-down reporting engine with more than 40 pre-defined reports. Available immediately.... read more »

Nokia 770 Platform Won’t be Successful

Today at the LinuxWorld Summit in New York, Nokia announced its new tablet PC platform, the Nokia 770. It’s a pocket-sized handheld tablet computer, with WiFi and Bluetooth support, running on Linux. There are several things about it that aren’t quite right.... read more »

Lemonade: Important Open Standard for Mobile Devices

Blackberries seem to be everywhere these days. They are a clear demonstration that mobile messaging is good for many people, and that RIM leads the market. It’s disappointing that most of the competitive buzz is on (other) proprietary alternatives. Microsoft is providing Exchange access libraries for use with Symbian, to help drive clients locked into […]... read more »

Avoid Repurposing If You Don’t Want to be Seen as a Spammer

When someone gives you their email address, there’s an expectation about what you’re going to use that email address for. It’s an implied contract, which identifies the types of messages that you’re going to send to that address. By extension,…... read more »

Powerful New Desktop Search Tool Works Well With Notes, Outlook

Google’s just launched its Desktop Search for Enterprise. See for more details. This provides Google-like search through your desktop. Its searches include local Notes databases and Outlook PSTs. This is a powerful tool. We need utilities like this to…... read more »

Web Becoming A Major Vector for Malware

Originally diskettes were the main way for malware to get in. For the last few years, email has been by far the main channel for malware. Due to spyware over the last six months, web sessions are becoming a second,…... read more »

AOL Launches Hotmail Competitor

In June, AOL will offer a free webmail service. This has a good chance of becoming one of the leading free email services, competing with such offerings as Hotmail and Yahoo. Key differentiation points include: Spam protection. AOL believes its…... read more »

Mimosa Systems delivers next-generation unified data protection and archiving solution for Exchange Server

Mimosa Systems released Mimosa NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange Server, its email data management solution for Exchange. Key features: email archiving, recovery of Exchange databases, mailboxes and messages, and self-service search and access, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Specialized Messaging Interest in Linux

Linux is a specialized niche, from a messaging standpoint. Who’s most likely to be interested in running messaging servers under it? We met recently with our friends at Scalix, who offer a nice Linux-based message store accessed by a variety…... read more »

Nice Utility for Keeping Exchange Servers Healthy

Message stores degrade over time. You need to periodically clean them up. With Microsoft Exchange message servers, this is particularly important. Failure to keep the message store healthy results, over time, in problems such as: Unplanned downtime to maintain or…... read more »

AV Vendors Adopting Spyware Control

Spyware’s a big and growing problem. Responsibility for controlling spyware is being adopted by anti-virus vendors. Eg: Trend Micro recently acquired Intermute (see Symantec has just release its spyware control for home users (see … David Ferris... read more »

Presence Gets To Online Gaming, Perhaps to Stimulate Integration With Business Applications

AOL has just announced an SDK that lets authors of online games access its AIM and ICQ instant messaging community. As a result, gamers will be able to: Look up the AOL buddy list, and invite friends to join Text each other in real time Make new connections This sounds interesting. Such consumer-led integration might […]... read more »

Japanese Anti-Spam Market About to Take Off

Japan’s the second largest economy after the US. It has lots of email users. So it’s a big potential market for spam control. So far, things are relatively quiet there. Most anti-spam vendors aren’t experiencing much demand there. The situation’s like it was two or three years ago in the US. This will change soon, […]... read more »

Spam Control–Realistic Performance Today

Many spam control vendors glibly say they get a one in 1 million false positive rate. That is, out of every one million emails they scan, they only identify one bona fide email as spam and then delete or quarantine…... read more »

Open Text Launches New Production Document Management Solution

Open Text announced Production Document Management, its solution for the management and storage of documents used in large-scale processes. Key features: imaging and archiving of paper documents into an electronic form, search mechanism, and retention management, among others.... read more »

Symantec Ships Integrated AntiSpyware Solution For Home Users

Symantec released Norton Internet Security 2005 AntiSpyware Edition, its firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-spyware solution. Key enhancements: multiple spyware scanning levels, spyware identified at the point of entry, and spyware real-time detection based on known signatures. Available immediately.... read more »

Every Organization Should Worry About Phishing

Why should CIOs & messaging managers worry about phishing? Unless you’re a bank, eBay, or PayPal, the phishing problem is all about consumers, right? Wrong. Read on to find out why, and what to do about it.... read more »

ZipLip Releases New Compliance Appliance

ZipLip announced ComplianceAppliance, its email archiving appliance. Key features: email search and retrieval, policy control, and export and zip search results, among others.... read more »

PIM/Messaging is the Main Purchase Driver for Business Mobile Handhelds, Not Applications

A wirelessly-connected handheld device has two major business benefits that stand out: It can connect to the office messaging system. So you can keep current with emails, new calendar events, and so on It can provide access to production systems,…... read more »

Stellent Achieves Record Quarterly Revenues of $28.5 Million

Stellent released results for 4Q2005, ended March 31. Revenue increased 38% to $28.5 million with a GAAP net loss of $3.0 million.... read more »

Google Acquires Dodgeball

What happens when you give cell phones, each with significant compute power, to a billion people? We don’t really know yet, but it seems clear that an increasing number semi-serendipitous connections will be one outcome. Dodgeball helps people find friends and friends of friends in real time, who are nearby. Mixed with Google’s other social […]... read more »

Mobile Messaging Mostly Isn’t Wireless

A lot of mobile messaging devices now have an integrated phone. So you might think there’s a lot of wireless syncing of Blackberries, Treo’s, Nokia 60s, etc, with the email system back at the office. It’s not so. As is…... read more »

Lyris Sold for $30M

Lyris, one of the leading vendors of email campaign management software–what you might also call mailing list management software–is to be bought by what appears to be an investment group, J.L. Halsey. Lyris is fetching a little under $30M. See…... read more »

AOL’s The Only Consumer IM Network Serious About Corporate Connectivity

For several years, AOL has been working to provide real support for enterprise connectivity. Its recently announced Enterprise Federation Program is a further illustration of its efforts. AOL’s major IM competitors, Yahoo and MSN, have far less commitment to enterprise…... read more »

AdvisorMail Launches Attorney-Client Privilege Controls

LiveOffice released Attorney-Client Privilege Controls, its solution for regulatory management of email and IM communications. Allows internal compliance auditors to place privileged communications in a confidential folder where only auditors given privilege rights are able to view confidential communications in their entirety. Available immediately as part of AdvisorMail 4.0.... read more »

Unclear Picture of Enterprise IM in 2010

The picture for how enterprise IM will look in five years’ time is unclear. It could clearly be dominated by Microsoft’s IM offering, and that of Lotus, with perhaps one other player. On the other hand: Microsoft’s had great difficulty…... read more »

Zero-Hour Malware Applies Not Just to Email

We’ve discussed recently the need for protection against "zero-hour" viruses transmitted by email. This is concerned with viruses which propagate very rapidly, before anti-virus vendors have had time to develop and distribute the necessary filters. Typically, there’s a window of exposure of some 4 to 8 hours, during which a lot of damage can be […]... read more »

Trend Micro to Acquire InterMute

Trend Micro announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire InterMute, a developer of anti-spyware products.... read more »

Symantec’s New Norton AntiVirus 10.0 For Macintosh Offers Enhanced Usability And Customization Features, ‘Tiger’ Compatibility

Symantec announced version 10.0 of Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh. Key enhancements: global threat assessment dashboard, contextual menu support, and custom safezones, among others. Available May 2005.... read more »

Making Headway on Calendar Interoperability

In the 1980s, it was difficult if not impossible to look at someone else’s “public” calendar, see what times were available, and send a request to join you at a meeting. It’s now 2005, and things are looking up. With many of the calendaring products on the market today, you can send a meeting request […]... read more »

Privacy Requires More Intelligent Filters

Today’s email encryption products frequently have a policy management component. This scans emails, especially outgoing ones, to determine if the email ought to be encrypted. The idea makes sense. The trouble is, that the filters involved are usually too crude….... read more »