What’s Happening to Critical Path?

There are three leaders in the specialized business of messaging software for service providers: Sun, OpenWave, and Critical Path.

Critical Path is the smaller of the three. It's roughly an $80M/year business, and a very sick company. Partly it offers a hosted set of services. These are now dying.

Critical Path also offers software, which the customer installs on its equipment. That business has never really been profitable, but it's been a solid, reliable business, with good software. It came from ISOCOR, which was folded into Critical Path several years ago. The merger with Critical Path was bad news for this business.

Critical Path's dreadful ups and downs must be worrying to customers, but they can't easily move off their ISOCOR software. So perhaps, despite the incredible vicissitudes of Critical Path, this part of the business will survive.

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  1. Posted May 3, 2005 at 11:18 PM | Permalink

    dot com excesses lead to dot com egos. CP swallowed 10 companies in 12 months. It’s ISOCOR’s misfortune to have been one of them. If anyone reading this has gone through a take over then they realize how excessive it is to think that you can successfully take over 10 companies in a year. CP was in a tail spin long before they decided to start lying to Wall Street. Truth be known if someone can save their messaging server and directory technologies out of this mess they will be doing the IT industry a favor. Even though they are smaller that their competitors that technollgy is vastly superior. The CP R&D teams in Santa Monica and Manchester, UK should take solice in the fact they created world leading products. It’s a shame that they got swallowed by a company who never knew what it wanted to be.

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